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Jack Ghaven Feb 2016
I did it!
...Well for a week or so
Partial credit?
...I tried real hard though

Or at least this is how I feel during sobriety
Rather after I have just ended a short stint
I drift off and become a member of my own society
Get quiet and hope the world will take the hint

I really can't handle myself or how I misinterpret things
I'm lost in the translation from my head to the real world
You'll never know the pain the memory of you brings
I was lost and found, nothing and everything all because of a girl

I never did it...
And never will!
I only hid it...
Have you had your fill?
Not sure what's going on here...
Jack Ghaven Dec 2015
This bottle is my baby
This smoke is my lady
These rhymes are my therapy
Need my shades just to see
My eyes stay low
A soul you couldn't possibly know
The word rehab makes me laugh
My self-medication helps me with my craft
At this point in my existence
I lack any sort of persistence
It might as well all be gibberish
Honestly if I had one wish
It would be to never gain my sanity
Because I already lost faith in humanity
So this craziness keeps me somehow hopeful
These substances make me vocal
Breaking the levee to let the words cause a flood
My own thoughts and emotions boil my blood
I could never aptly describe this concept
Even after years of searching I'm inept
This person isn't even slightly reminiscent
Of who I once was and is now so distant
I am a shadow a ghost
Afraid of what I desire most
My effort has only ever shattered me
Beaten, broken, and battered me
Though silence accomplishes very little
I am stuck somehow here in the middle
Of constant outbursts and pure withdrawal
As is the definition of my constant fall
Into depression and anxiety
Only worsened by 'sobriety'
Random. Free flow of my current state of mind.  Not really even sure if any of this makes sense or goes together at the moment.

— The End —