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Amanda May 7
Do I push your hearts pieces around?
Or just push you away?
I say in times of stubborn spite
Always how I feel each day

Out of mind without you
Needing to get back inside
Smile halts me in my tracks
I can guess the reason its wide

I try granting your wishes
Reveal your greatest desire
Want to see your dreams come true
I then can set each one on fire

My heart is throbbing for you
In time to your pulses rhythm
I leave you in ashes
To blow away narcissism

I am on a path of destruction
Falling into a villains role
I'm sick of murdering hearts
Harshly digging hole after hole

Please save yourself from harm
Go as far as you can
Do not stop until you reach a place
With plenty space between hands

You deserve to have somebody there
Each time you need a hug
To light darkness inside you
The fears that often tug

You are more than a plaything
Why do I treat you as such?
To those watching from the outside
You are a toy within my clutch

One hand grasping your hopes and goals
The other holding confessions
Touch so cold emotions start freezing
Begin to seperate possessions

Somehow I don't feel like I once did
It's beyond understanding
We switched positions stealthily
Now in your place I am standing
Its been a long time coming
But the tables turned around
Cause one of us is going
One of us is going down
Amanda Feb 17
Can you accept me for who I am?
See the value my heart still holds?
Will you pick it up off the ground where it rests
Horrifyingly bruised and treat it like gold?

Is redemption too great of a gift to demand?
Ask myself is it too late?
If this love is still worth fighting for
Why are we also filled with hate?

Or are we just frustrated
After investing so much
Only to witness all our efforts
Still not be good enough?

A couple once envied by dozens
Now pitied by those we know
If we had before not been up so high
Would the low still feel this low?

Which am I addicted to more?
The rush from drugs or the scent of your skin?
Why do I have to make that decision?
There's no option where we both win

Where will the criticism stop?
When will it change to compromise?
Can we save our relationship
Before the intimacy dies?

How do we repair our damaged trust?
Cause I don't see how we will
Do you think we really have a shot?
Are you even in love with me still?

Why do I scream at you when I hurt?
How come I can't control my voice?
What commands me against my will?
Temper leaving no other choice

Can I overcome these violent urges?
Are these tendencies an unbreakable curse?
Will I ever become a better person?
Or am I destined to only grow worse?
And I'll take you for who you are
If you take me for everything
Do it all over again
It's all the same

— The End —