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PMc Sep 2018
Last day on the job meant ensuring lines were tight,
tanks filled, hoses pumped,
     boots heavy, dry

Days of volunteering had long gone, years ago
hours of training, gym time, study time,
little time to rest, scant time for family,
     or friends fishing

Last day on the job meant sleeping light
ready for alarm’s alarming alarm,
pushing through lack of sleep,
ever conscious of the task
     the task

Route to the alarm during last day on the job
allowed a precious moment spent wondering about
stretching a fifty-thousand dollar city pension
through twelve months with sufficient money left for
moderate vacations, finishing the basement (finally),
trading in the beater for a “new-to-them” pick-up.

Colleagues wept openly during the last day on the job.
The hardest moments were spent
with the crew Captain making the long walk up the driveway
to break the news to his wife about
     his last day on the job.

Last day in the city was spent with laces tight,
hockey bag full, fans pumped,
     stick taped, dry

Years of minor leagues were well past due
training program’s ritual, airline schedules,
****** steak dinners in greasy spoons
left little time for autographs, rookie card poses,
     or friends fishing

Last day in the city meant sleeping late
through three time zones, restless in anticipation of front desk’s
wake-up call.

On route to the game during last day in the city
included hushed coach and trainer meetings
with news about trades,
draft picks, adequate compensation
including a five-hundred-thousand dollar signing bonus,
full-cost moves, maybe a trophy wife

The hardest moments of that day
were spent withholding tears
during a dealership visit with his girlfriend
to cancel the BMW lease on
     the last day in the city.
I have struggled for years about not paying adequate salaries to firefighters, police, teachers, soldiers and others who do our public bidding - yet we have no trouble paying MILLIONS for someone taking part in the business of sport.  I get it and I understand it (I think) and still struggle with it.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
Those who serve halos
under the false light won't bring
Age of quintessence

Those who tread the path
under the true light know that
love destroys the dark
I've always believed that there is more to this world than meets the eye.
I've always thought it then, and it hasn't changed now.
Be back soon.
Lyn ***
Paul R Hensley Nov 2017
The angel called to me,
said I have wings for you,

The demon called to me,
said I have chains for you,

Living in a dome,
Imma bout to take this to the dome,
Come to my domain,
Let me change you,
Let me corrupt you,

Come let me serve you,
Give me elegant servants,
Imma put them in my dome with me,

Come sit in my dome with me,
lets watch the sun execute us...

Let us be reborn as one tonight
Confused cause I am

— The End —