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Poetoftheway Oct 2019
don’t tell me “I love you” ~by Roxanne, for Cyrano~


that’s a verse I’ve heard many too times before,
that’s a curse of low majesty, a quatrain too plain,
if that’s your best sally, retreat, say no more,
too simp verses, or ungolden silences, agents of dissatisfying pain

I need the best of your taste
the finest visions that you eyelids occlude,
make haste for my mouth grows exceedingly
impatient for the other senses to do their tandem wooing

slap only my face with the creature comforts others savor,
words of diamonds and pink pearls mined from your breast,
the bejeweled words that will decorate my evergreen,
that never dies, lest, unless and until,
you want my mortal affection suppressed

give me your linguistic promiscuity, wake me from the stupor
of ordinary, arouse me with thy tongue coiling, a bee sting delivery,
a wet poem that makes all my orifices!|offices weep, your mouth,
my souls recouper,
your wizardry bewitching,
answer my inquiry with unbounded festivity

then and after all, the plain simplicity of an “I love you,”
will be edged with sublimity, my mercies, your mercies
our jointed, sharp pointy, introverting, interlocking,
our futures becoming
our pasts


She’s burned all her bridges
and boiled all her bunnies,
and her perfect body’s means to an end
now she’s a ******.
But if you see my Treacle,
tell her I’ll settle the speedball bill,
be her doormat doubling up
as her springboard outta hell.
And if you see my Treacle,
tell her I’ll treat her better than Rico
- I’ve got a Crisis Loan to burn,
but he’s the Man With No NINO.

Should you clock my Treacle, I entreat you relay
my mobno and the emotional pull
never changed.
I saw the Suffolk Strangler’s been put away,
but no night’s okay for a babe on the game.
So if she’s sick of the shame,
or does it just look like rain,
O my Treacle ****, your childhood sweetheart
is coming, I’m a-coming to save the day!

And if Tania, Paula, Gemma,
Anneli and Annette were here today,
who amongst us would say
rescue is a reverse charge away?
Who amongst us would say
don't need to see no rebirth,
you 'ready are my shining way?
Who amongst us would say
no souls need to be saved
so long as they’re safe?

And just make sure you tell my Treacle
how my tears did trickle
lacrymal crystal treacle
when grapevine had it gospel
she were down like a hubba pigeon
in last straw ******* act o' suction,
her yale served on a badman’s bell.
She don’t havta turn one last trick
for a top-up card,
text freedom for 17p or just reverse that charge.

If you *** across Treacle in your travels,
set her straight:
she don’t havta love me to stay.
They say Saucy Jack’s long in the Thames,
but life is never gentle for dem demi-monde dames,
ratgirl Roxannes who frequent the needle exchange.
So my Treacle ****, your childhood sweetheart
is coming, I’m a-coming to save the day!

Anneli, Anneli...
NINO= National Insurance number, DWP acronym

— The End —