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Lucy Mohr Jul 2018
Kisses for the Good Girl.
Kisses for a sleepy Baby.
Kisses for a scared Kitten.
Kisses for a good Girl.
Daddy loves you, don't forget that, okay baby girl?
Yes daddy... I wont forget.
To the best Daddy in the world, DreamMare
Lucy Mohr Jul 2018
I'm running, from what I do not know.
It's dark, and everything seems to jump out at me.
"Make it stop!" I scream as I jump awake.
You wake up and hold me gently,
rubbing my back, whispering sweet nothings in my ear.
I hold onto your shirt, clinging to the first real thing.
Your low rumble of a laugh wraps around me,
sealing me in its warmth, like a giant blanket.
You trace my jaw with your finger, lifting my head to look up.
"I will always be right here... I promise..." You say.
I bury myself in your chest as you turn out the lamp and hold me,
You hum some song that I don't remember as you hold me,
trying to get me to sleep.
"Tomorrow, it'll be okay, my love." you hum as my eyelids close
to DreamMare
  Jul 2018 Lucy Mohr
Krista DelleFemine
God made Adam
And thought
Ugh!  I can do better than this!
God did not make Eve as a
She was an upgrade
Lucy Mohr Jul 2018
I hold one of your fingers, like if I let go, I wont have you.
You laugh and smile down at me, your Little Girl.
Nothing has mattered more to you, than being your Little Girl's protector, hero, everything.

I cuddle under your chin, your strong hands on my back.
the smell of your cologne is refreshing, like chocolate and lavender.
People look at me weird when i'm being your Little Girl, but I don't care.
I will be your Little Girl until the end of time...
your warm breath on my hair keeps me calm, comforts me when I have nightmares, and lets me know that you will always be there.
your laugh makes me happy,
your cuddles are the best.
no one can take away my Daddy.
to DreamMare
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