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everybody is looking
for something
i'm just looking for a burger that looks like the one I saw in the commercials
Kai Schultz Feb 9
glass is meant to shatter
while still being pretty
easy on the eyes
so movie stars are made of glass
because even when they break
and their feelings spill to the floor
they are still beautiful
and we forgive their flaws.
He was that fire that burnt in your heart
that burned in your life.
His smile, his laughter would make the fire burn brighter
then he decided to singe that fire with a spray of cold water
try to understand that it was just a mistake.  
He'll always be there right?
What happens when the fire that burnt so bright dims to a single candle light,
what happens when you have to keep lighting that single
candle wick,
because the fire is slowly dying.
Will you go out too?
Bibby Feb 7
I wear a broken watch on my left wrist
To convey that,
Time is not always right.
Just something random and simple
I never knew being in love was learning how to be your friend.

I knever knew that life was learning to hold on to the end.
Yordi Feb 2
Rainy nights
Dark and cold
Alone on the road
Tires swerve
out my lane onto the curve
Goodbye to my only friend
The end
..But only the exact same two eyes can see what the exact same two eyes have seen ..
Quick thought for hunger
It's like a roller coaster
This thing called life
It's raining outside from the dark yawning sky
The yellow streetlamps are all that makes the drops visible
So it looks like the lamps are raining

My heel bone can be felt through
My skin
People shudder at my face but
Sadness isn't a sin
It's more of a thought experiment
A chance to learn

When everything is hinged
and Yellow - Black tinged
You realize you have changed so
And what you thought you would never be
You have suddenly become
Too many cliched words rhyme with 'see'

Like be

No white
Is as white
As a memory of whiteness
And so the search for
The deep darkness of a dream
Is a fool's chore
I think someone once said
Every choice is an open door
What? Where did this come from? I just found this in my email archive.
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