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The Classic (Horror)

You dumb
Don't know how to do this?

You fool
Don't know what it is?

You *******
You don't know anything
Waste of a life

I wondered if
I'm good for at least eating.

He's your master
And THAT is his masterpiece
What have you got to show?
Go to him again.
Wait till he ratify you
My father brainwashed

Determined, I went back to the sir
I want to have my masterpiece

And soon I did have
My masterpiece
Not one.
Not two.
But many.


Since then
My master wasn't seen
By none

Any doubts?
Dedicated to master of macabre and king of humour poetry, Raj Arumugam sir
It was a long while ago
since I left my village
There’s been no word
no traveller with news –
and I am dying for any song
from the girl I left behind

It's been some time ago
Since that boy left me behind
Where he is, nobody knows
There's been no news to find
I would like to just sing him one more song
About how he's the boy that I've loved for so long
Maybe he'll come to me, in my dreams
But in reality, he's nowhere it seems...

The day’s work offers diversion
but the quiet evening
brings back the pain
How is she now
the one I left behind?
I see her still in my mind –
across the river
and she would not wave goodbye

I regret not waving to him
On that dreadful final goodbye
I wonder if he thinks of me
On that last day, did he see me cry?
Daily chores and family
Offer me some solace
But nothing feels the same
As when him and I were US

BOTH: (Chorus)
Staring at this glassy water,
Our eternal hearts divide
Do you stare at the same moon’s reflection
From the other side?
I hope you find my love one day
Floating across this wayward water
Until then, I will pray
Our hearts are broken no longer
Raj's first collaboration! Proud to be his first!  Thank Raj!  ❤

— The End —