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Mikey Pooler Jan 2016
Often I've been told I know my way around words

Funny I find that, they just seem to fly off my tongue

Escape my fingertips like, from a nest a flock of birds

I missed you like a call that never rung

In these moments of solitude far after loves gone, I find it easy to explain

Always do I find the words of feelings as they say

Yet in that moment as you turn to glace at me a final time

I can never find the words
*"Wait, but please stay"
Never have I the courage to stop you from leaving the door

Just the words you'll never read pleading to come back
Mikey Pooler Jan 2016
Earth's approaching              population's

                                    ­                        8 billion

An era united by                                 artists

8 billion

Thoughts one has when                   broken

Becoming wise once seeing     soul's fixed

new color's shown       when we're in love

when we're inspired               it's beautiful

feelings of                                       being lost

burning those walls down

using it's fire to navigate the mind

to share art with them

they'll follow with        walls down as well

                                 that's how I define love

not just burning those walls

burying their very exsitance

building a city over the grave

to create a change for         the mind state

the greater good                 of individuality

of society                                     and culture

courageously                       *Mikey The Poet
A poem to be read three different ways can you see them all? -M.P.P
Mikey Pooler Jan 2016
Inhale                                       close your eyes

Open your mind                                     exhale

Now it's time                                      to Set sail

To where wild things are

Just imagine ahh!                     Real monsters

Now do you see a beautifully unique creature?

Or did you cringe with grimance by sheer glimpse of each and every feature?

Actions speak louder than words that’s true,

but that hideous monster was you.

Your actions                                      seem nice

that monster reflected in your eyes, so i thought twice.

A raw soul                                             exposed

Pain flourishes because failure to even recognize


Pure and true                             divine and all

a mortal god

Not how you fantasized       un-glamourized


Flaws and scars from wall to ******* wall

Words are full of lies

Actions                                     a mere disquise

Don’t buy their decietful bribes

If you’re going to believe in anything

Believe in the vibes seeping from deep inside

Believe in their monsters cries

I Believe In what I see

I see monster’s hiding in every skin I meet

I Believe in the monster in


Just imagine real monsters

roaming free
Mikey Pooler Jan 2016
It’s a shame to me,

to witness what’s become of the culture that raised me.

We’re sold on what was preached as good advice.

“Shoot for the moon because even If you miss, you’ll be amongst the stars.”

But see I feel that statement could use some clarification.

Our eyes glisten from the brightness of the so ever infinite beauty,

but what if I told you that beauty was the cause of my pain?

What if I told you that the real moon's right here on planet earth?

There’s 7 billion galaxies right in front of us, going unseen.

What If I told you the term “Shoot for the moon”,

really meant shoot for someone’s heart,

not the one that reigns above us from afar?

There’s the most beautiful galaxy,

nestled beneath the skin of someone

who’s so lost they don’t sleep.

The stars within are cloaked

by the clouds of their depression, Also insecurities.

Waiting to be the butterflies that dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat,

waiting to be your favorite twinkle in her eyes.

Waiting to show you a new color you notice when she smiles and,

that will be your new favorite color.

So If we’ve lost sight of the galaxies within our life,

all because they weren’t visable as hope in the dark night sky.

How long until we lose sight to those too?
Mikey Pooler Jan 2016
It's dark out, A cold winter night.

Awfully lonely even for me.

A howl echoes throughout the silence, my heart drops.

A howl that entered through one ear and echoed loud for my soul to hear.

Would it be sinister to say I smiled knowing I wasn't the only one here?

A smile becomes a sarcastic laugh of desperation, being ironic I joined with crying howls to the moon.

Before I could finish the wolf howls again.

I learned something that night, I solved the answer to love.

Find your moon, find someone who brings light to your darkness.

Find someone who, when you feel like a lone wolf with a numb soul; Will be your moon to howl to.

We'd be a beautiful love song.

I learned hope is when a lone wolf sings to a moon, as if it'd reach.

A Favorite melody howled the lone wolf so heavenly.

A rhythme being merely, an echo of his heartbeat.

Love is feeling that heartbeat and hearing a melody.

Then singing all the words otherwise too scared to speak.
Mikey Pooler Jan 2016
“Everybody dies,
                but not everybody lives.”

But how do you tell if,
                you’re living or not?

Everyone knows how,
               being happy feels.

But how do you know,
               If that feeling’s real?

In a moment of perfection how will you react upon realizing that,
               euphoric sensation of nirvana....

Was nothing more than,
               bliss by convience?

The mind will probably go numb,
              most likely go cold inside and wonder;

              could this be how death feels?

What a terrifying feeling to have been so confident,
              the storm was over.

So confident the sun was peaking through the clouds,
              swore to have even felt it’s warmth.

Oh the eye;
               my hope died in the eye of the storm.

I died in the eye of the storm,
               but was I even alive?

Resurrection I found in her eyes,
               what a time to be alive.

What A euphoria for had I not first died,
               today I would not be so alive.

"Everybody dies but,
               not everybody lives."

Not everybody lives because,
                not everybody dies twice.
Mikey Pooler Jan 2016
I stay in my bedroom.

It's the four of us, sometimes more of us but we stay in my bedroom.

We're laughing, drinking, off note but we're singing.

We're sking, not off slopes but coke has us being,

Naked freely, give the word "******" a new meaning.

Conversations like constellations of naked energy connecting in the darkness.

******* poetry so ****** is the concept.

I'm not real, please don't take ****** out of context.

Druken words from your voice just sounds like love & birds I must confess

I lust for Conversations of naked souls, I lust for con-***.

I lust to remember these nights even more, but that's a long stretch.

Til next time, sincerely, a gone mess.
Mikey Pooler Jan 2016
I.Q's are at a parallel with expectations.

Exceptionally high at a parallel with section 8 incarcarations.

Beware of the dropouts, for they seek what lies beyond reach.

Beware because they seek wisdom far beyond what a college could teach.

Beware of the most hateful heart, for one day it'll become the most powerful love.

Beware of the addict to kick the habit to find art, as the most powerful drug.

Born from the white picket fence cementry, becoming the change always seeked in his dreams.

A Fire in his chest.

A burning soul, a phoenix that rebirths from the ashes of his words.

The Genius Of The Suburbs.
Mikey Pooler Jan 2016
Roses are red, somewhat like my heart.

The sky is blue and the sun is gold or so I'm told.

Roses die and my heart skips beats when I think of you.

Please allow me to be so bold.

The sky is gold, and the sun is blue.

Your skin is warm with eyes that blind.

Baby I don't ever see night with you.
Mikey Pooler Jan 2016
"Love" and "hate" are said to be the strongest words of feelings.

Oh these feelings, never imagined I would feel this again. I "love it", I "Love you".

Oh these feelings, never imagined I would feel this again. I "hate it", I "hate you".

These are said to be the strongest feelings, yet what comes prior truly envokes the most meaning.

Oh these feelings, never imagined I would feel this again. I ******* "love it", I ******* "love you".

Oh these feelings, never imagined I would feel this again. I ******* "hate it", I ******* "hate you".

******* speak to me, the word "*******" at the perfect ******* moment really ******* speaks to me.

"Love" and "hate" are said to be the strongest words of feeling.

But read this poem over again and tell me, where you can truly feel the words of my feelings.
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