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summer Apr 2016
I have seen the way you have been looking at me,
with desire and craze.

The way you have stood way too close for comfort,
your keep looking at me, quit it.

I noticed when we first met,
how you kept looking at me differently.

I know you like me,
it is soo ******* obvious.

I know you like me,
but i don't like you.

You know who i like,
and you use him against me.

Tell me a ******* lie,
please do, just to waste my ******* time.

Tell me a ******* lie,
and manipulate me to believe you.

Tell me a ******* lie,
about him.

Make him the bad guy,
make him say i'm the ****.

That i am the desperate one,
not you, the dead-beat one.

Tell me a ******* lie,
and expect me to be happy when i find out the truth.

You lied to me,
to get closer to me.

Lucky, i didn't trust you,
i'm not that ******* easy.

"He called you a ****,"
***** please.

You swore on your life you weren't lying,
well guess you just dead to me now.

Because you swore,
you swore on your ******* life.

Hope you have a nice life,
filled with lies and regrets.

Because you don't deserve me,
and i don't deserve to be treated this way.

your ******* dead to me.
******* and your ******* nonsense.
i am over it.
over your lies,
over all of it.
I am over you!
Sean Hunt Apr 2016
Seems like
Psychosis squared
To me
I don't see you
You don't see me
You don't see you
You don't see me
What else can it be?

So many songs are written
About this sorry state
Which always ends in tears
Sooner or later

Enjoy it while it lasts
It will only be 'true'
If it does not change
Into something new

Magic never turns into tragic

Sean Hunt Apr 2016
I am a poet freak, no doubt
Some who read my rhymes
Pull their hair out
One at a time

A romantic poet I am not
What you see is what I’ve got
A twisted view, from me to you
At least it’s something new

Sean Hunt

April 18 2016
Sean Hunt Apr 2016
How delighted was I
To be invited
To the ‘Poet-Freaks’

Sometimes my rhyme
Goes to waste
It’s an acquired taste

Some say
When they read my verse
‘There can’t be much worse’

Well now I feel quite at home
With my fellow zanies
Who never make the ‘dailies’

Sean Hunt
Sean Hunt Feb 2016
I decided to write a poem
Not knowing
What the theme would be
I had nothing to say
At that moment in time
But I knew the rhyme
Would come like
Child's play
Like water falling
To the ground
Like the invasion
Of bird sounds
In the morning
Like a woman's
Monthly mood
Like a summer storm's

So it came
As it should
As I knew it would
And then I was in a pickle
Because I needed to afix
An ending to the thing
A finish with a flourish
A tasty pastry, perhaps

But I gave up

Sean Hunt
Windermere Feb 3 2016
Sean Hunt Mar 2016
Oh no
This can't be happening to me
Oh no
It's not the way it should be
Oh no
It doesn't fit with my plan
Oh no
It's not the way it began
Oh no
I heard a teaching from a special being a few years ago and he said that whenever we say 'Oh No! this is very silly :)   It is a non-sensical and useless denial of our appearing reality, and  implies a denial of responsibility which is untrue and extremely counter-productive
Sean Hunt Apr 2016
Rain rain go away
Come again
Some other day
Today I want to play

Rain rain go away
But not for long or I’ll complain
So stay around
I’ll want you when my grass is brown

Rain rain
Once in a while I will delight
When my feet are warm and dry
By the firelight

I will watch you through
My windowpane in ease
As you paint
Your Three D Masterpiece

O essential element
Presenter of presents
Why do we lament so much
Your ever-present presence

Sean Hunt
April 16 2015
Original 'Rain' poem rewritten, imporoved, edited, without the commentary
Sean Hunt Apr 2016
I think I am embedded in this tapestry
I think that every thing I see
Is outside of me

I couldn’t be more wrong
This mistaken view
Is Oh so wrong

How long will I carry on?
The habits of an addict
Are so ****** strong!

Even though I know
I grab the water as it falls
I am like a baby with a ball

I am the loom
The wool and the weaver
The giver and the receiver

Sean Hunt
gray rain Apr 2016
Camera man
not a fan
rode with them in their van
living life without a plan
he started his journey back in jan
he didn't know how long it would span
he wasn't a fan
he was just the camera man
summer Apr 2016
we stand there,
in the night,
underneath the street light.

the sky is soo dark,
small dots of light shine a little,
your arms are around my waist.

i look up at you,
a smile across my face,
your eyes bluer than ever.

you're laughing,
at something someone said,
i whispered i love you to you.

but it doesn't matter now,
none of it does,
it's all gone.

we were frozen in time,
we stand still,
happy and in-love.

in the photograph,
i thought there was love,
but all there is are lies.
for the boy who broke me in two,
i am in pieces because of your lies.
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