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stopdoopy Jun 2018
I should've known
all this time
how I got over new friends
the hurt when you didn't tell me first
frothy anger when I found out about the first
trying to take your time, "protect you"  
daydream about kissing you...
but we were friends
the first poem...
that night in November when I came to conclusion...
I felt we were- could be more than friends
you felt the same but
there was a second man already
and I had to put my delusion aside
and be happy for you
and for myself...
based off a past relationship, I didn't like how jealous I was and it disgusted me
Caroline Lee Nov 2015
I don't know where it came from
Maybe it was the unusual warm air in November
Or maybe it was the need to be known
But at the mention of you
Or the faint glow of another window
I'm spiraling back into:
Blood drive river bank lace your fingers into my hips
Cold air nausea never even been kissed
But don't you know I want you more than ever
Don't you know I'd like to try?
But I'm only everyone's open arms
And you're their American icon
Strolling through winter wheat
Blond, strong and smirking at me
And I'm hiding in my skin
Insecure and inexperienced and I know exactly why
Petrified at the thought of another drive home alone
Tender at the thought of trusting
Be gentle with me
Only after I'm bruised deep blue
Walk home with me
Only after the lights are shot out and you've faded back to gray
I have no stomach to explain passion and no armor to field my family's questions
Just the burn of my chest under my thin jacket
And the warmth of your hand on my skin
And I met you at the blood drive and I let you under my skin
Deep red they bled me dry as I gave you all I had within
I'm alive but I'm weakened
And you put the color back in my cheeks
And you supported me all the way home
So maybe I spiraled into this
Maybe I'm still scared from the nights spent sleeping alone
But in the warm November air
I'll let you in
Spiraling again.
Inspired by the office episode where Michael meets a girl at a blood drive.

— The End —