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Nina Aug 2019
If i knew it would be our last goodbye
I would've end it in a nice way
If i knew it was the last time i could call you,
I would've let you talk the entire time
If i knew all of our text messages will be ignored,
I wouldn't have ended it with something rude
I would've said how much i loved you
How much i care
How much i need you
If i knew it was going to be the end
I would've prepared for a better ending
LanceSkiies Jul 2019
A dollar and dream is all I have
Is it enough to make you stay?
A dollar and a dream is all I have

I'm here for a reason and so are you
Out of a billion people, it's not lost on me we are in this room
There is more than what meet the eyes between you and I

Us, it's always been us
You and I
A team
Which carries no "I" but certainly promotes "Me"
Is this why you chose you and left "me?"

If you asked me, I have no regrets
I told you what to expect
Long nights, trials and crosses
A man on a mission but it'll take time
Many steps to Mile and I guess this is where you get off
Crego Nov 2018
Funny how
it used to be
so comforting
talking to you
But lately
I’ve never been
more uncomfortable
just being around you.
Phi Kenzie Sep 2018
Sniffle on the train
a sneeze among the trees
bless you at your desk
sleeve wipe when out of sight

So sticky an issue
your own mother wouldn’t kiss you

Should’ve brought tissues
stopdoopy Jun 2018
I should've known
all this time
how I got over new friends
the hurt when you didn't tell me first
frothy anger when I found out about the first
trying to take your time, "protect you"  
daydream about kissing you...
but we were friends
the first poem...
that night in November when I came to conclusion...
I felt we were- could be more than friends
you felt the same but
there was a second man already
and I had to put my delusion aside
and be happy for you
and for myself...
based off a past relationship, I didn't like how jealous I was and it disgusted me
Genesee May 2018
Playlists are songs that convey messages
some are as simple as I thought you’d like this
while others are more complex
dancing around a unanswered question
so to try to tell that particular person
you try to throw out hints left and right
only to realize that it truly never worked
And you should have told them in the moment
while everything was as sweet as flowers blooming in the springtime
But in another universe maybe I’d have enough courage to finally ask that one question
I was outspoken about a lot of things
My feelings were another subject to be discussed another day
I know how I am about certain things
The question that will never be uttered from my lips
I wish I had let you know sooner
rather than me overthinking in that moment
making it more complicated than it actually was
whenever I thought about asking you the question
that to me would be a big deal in terms of maybe being spontaneous
either that option or being a sap
looking into your hazel eyes
I froze up
out of nervousness
But I should’ve asked you
for if I had taken the chance
we would have created a special cliché moment
that in a couple years we would always remember
whenever the song would’ve played on the radio
Oh the missed opportunity to hold you in my arms
As we sway back and forth
mesmerized by each other
Following each other’s steps to the song
Twirling me around
The sweetness of your embrace
written around the time I had realizations
dealing with a missed chance
Tommy Randell Aug 2017
Don't leave your Life
On a Shelf
In a cupboard
Okay, a re-write from last week's 'Life Has a Use by Date'
I feel this is better. If I knew how to 'centre' it in BOLD I would
Tommy Randell Aug 2017
If we didn't
Then we should've
If we'd known
Then we would've
If we failed
Then we could've
Don't leave your Life
On a shelf
In a cupboard

Tommy Randell 26th August 2017
anonymous Apr 2014
I'm not an option
Or a second choice
I'm in your life or not
I don't want to be a hidden voice
My friendship was a gift
Not a game
From then, you'll meet fake friends
But i warned you, what a shame
They'll replace you
The second you put a foot wrong
You should've of stayed with me
You should've held on.

— The End —