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Arcassin B Mar 2015
By Arcassin B & Sonja B.M

left the ring in procession,
silently walked the track.
dust rose, the distance grew.
out of sight ,
talked in code and rhythms.
the train passed,
gulls flew the heat haze.
on return, no one spoke.
Flowing streams,
Except very hard and rugged,
I remember the days of ceiling leaks into buckets,
I see,
Crazy **** when I'm on my meds,
Why dont you believe me,
When I say I see the tracks with a dark red.
I hate seeing things that are not there :'(
Arcassin B Mar 2015
By Arcassin & Elizabeth Squires

Cinematic dramatic troubled teen,
Love drivin,
As far as the eye can see,
You wouldn't believe,
Inspired her to dream and make a mends,
But never give a **** about a single friend,
Shadows creep,
Suicidal to the core,
Whole freshman year,
Known as the *****,
But in life,
You must think,
And save up for what else is in store,
A career, 
Something to hold onto, 
Direction in life,
Not the frittering away,
Of a valuable opportunity, 
Troubled teen turning around,
The ***** tag within,
Wearing the good girl chameleon skin, 
Paving a diamond studded road ahead, 
Getting her mindset, 
The knife which bought her pain, 
Not needed, 
Of its somberness,
Optimistic aims and goals, 
We have an ep together coming soon
Arcassin B Feb 2015
By Arcassin B , creep & patty m

Is it the stems,
Or the leaves,
Telling me,
To tie a noose around the ceiling fan,
Steping near the area,
Try to Contain it,
But I don't really think I can,
Devil got his hand tugging my ***** ,
Playing rebound,
Telling me to forget it all,
With like two rounds,
I don't wanna load with off into my brain,
But the suspense is kicking in,
Somebody get a chair and sit me down,
I don't feel no restraint,
You won't try,
But I ain't,
About to let you take me away from the voice of god,
Begging my pardon,
But At least that's what I think,
When I go near the garden,
Twisting, trailing down
My hands, my arms, 
Down my chest, wrapping around my legs,
They take over.
Each little secret I've hidden all over me,
The scars, the stories, the burns,
All seen by them.

Everything I've worked so hard to conceal,
Long sleeves, long pants, hoodies,
It doesn't matter anymore.
Theyve seen it all.

Each and every scar, 
All the tears,
Wet again.
The burns
Bursting with agony.
But with all that pain,
Its freeing.
Everything was held inside...
But now,
These... things
They have opened the unthinkable,
All of the things inside spilling out uncontrollably.
The mistakes and fears that once made up all of me,
Its flooding out of me.
I'm feeling 
And lighter...
And now I'm finally gone.
you are the reason
coldness comes creeping
deranged and completely changed

put it down
put down that gun
the bullets that you load
when did your heart turn to stone
when did you grow so cold?
Mistaken, forsaken
innocent and yet condemned
I'm judged without a jury
for the rules that your amend

put it down 
put down the knife
ease your anger 
and lingering strife
I'm not the enemy
I'm just your wife

blood it seeps so slow
no need to hurry now
it has no place to go
as it puddles here
staining my matted hair
a halo of red 
I shouldn't have stayed
I should have fled. 
Innocent and forgiving
I lost my chance of living

put it down,
put it down to caring
I didn't even cry out
when it was my skin
you were paring

Such a shame
that you turned insane
was it ***** or pills
that twisted your will 
made you want to ****
the one person who loved you most.
no matter
it's shattered
and now it's null
like the last scrambled thought
in my fractured skull. 

I grant you pardon
now freed from your 
demonic garden
what thoughts grow in your mind
are they still benign weeds
like your horrible misdeeds
that multiply over time?
You do not know what is now-a-days
Arcassin B Feb 2015
By Elizabeth & Arcassin

by the gurgling stream
he fell into a deep dream
of a beautiful girl who
had eyes so pretty of gleam
how she did make
his heart sang with delight
as her image reflected
in the stream's
bright crystal light,

What's darkest may come to light,
Fly from graduation or tutors,
Hurricanes ruin cities,
Mixed with high jackers,
Free loaders,
But in the dark,
Run to the light,
Trauma stricken,
In the foreseeable future we need to fight,

the dreamer's perception
of beauty is wiped out
in the environs so broken
and torn horribly about
the shadowed lamp
of fantasy which offers unto
us the mired mirror
of malcontent which is
in this our abysmal society,

If you come to a conclusion,
And have sense to maintain the illusion,
You can make it a reality,
Also to institutions,
Beautiful stages of goals to be made,
Grow a flower,
Open a door,
Influence the shade,

we are capable of making
our purpose is to
bringing into existence
the mind of the dreamer
his purpose is to see
that by all humans
working together
they can solve the ills and inequities
which plague our earth,

Success runs through the heart of people that are determined,
Trial and tribulations are sold separately,
And don't a servant,
To people that don't wanna see you,
Give and succeed,
Your dreams.
Me and Liz coming to restore dreams
Arcassin B Feb 2015
By Arcassin B & Soul

Medicine birds,
With only one purpose to maintain in saving lives,
Weird spirits visited my bedroom,
Is something that I don't realize,
But you do,
And we don't,
We just try to find a way,
Pay some dues,
You're still wrong,
Also try not to perish away,

The trail was SO long
The sun beat like a sledge
I knew I'd never make it
I was past the edge.

As I lay there by a bush
I heard the strangest cry
I'd heard of them... 
The Medicine Birds
It looked me in the eye. 

I wept and said, "please
Help me! For I am bereft!
I'm lost in this desert
And have no water left!"

The magic bird flapped its wings
Water from the tips!
It let water from its feathers
Cool my burning lips.

Can make cold nights,
Handling Me,
Slighty scratch the sides of your brain,
Blocking memories,
With only one purpose to maintain in saving lives,
Creating new prayers,
Is what we aim to strive,
Handling me,
I don't think you can,
Drop dead in he abyss,
We're the medicine birds,
You have to believe in this,

Beatific Bird!
Westward flying...
Sparks and rainbows
Flash from her wings

Beautiful healer
She is dying...
She bright and bronze
Prevents death's sting,

Early bird , gets the worm,
Wings be free from dying,
Lost in shambles,
Beautiful colors is the genre,
Or as well as a fling,

Peach pealer,
You're not lying,
Speaking in tongues,
No one knows what death will bring.

Medicine birds,
With only one purpose to maintain in saving lives,
Weird spirits visited my bedroom,
Is something that I don't realize,
But you do,
And we don't,
We just try to find a way,
Pay some dues,
You're still wrong,
Also try not to perish away.
Best collab I ever done :-)
Arcassin B Jan 2015
By Arcassin , Lexi , Tara and rach

:::AB:::: Conversations with out any words,
:::AW::: Creates a blissful peace between two souls,
::::RH:::: A bond without voices to cause constraints,
:::TO::: Listening closely, Without any of they're ears.,
:::AB:::: Rivers never get too mellow or narrow,
:::AW::: More narrow then the thoughts that cause simple minds,
:::RH:::: Simple minds that quake in the presence of such a holy river,
;:::TO::: colliding together  only be ruined by the waves of salt,
::::AB:::: And as I realize , and look inside that my soul burns for a higher judgment,
:::AW:::: A Judgement that quickens ones heartbeat,
::::RH::: Pumping my blood, reiterating judgement awaits once this fragile body tires,
:::TO:::  So far apart yet so close, never finding the key too his heartbeat.
:::AB::: While I'm waiting til she finds it, I'm still fading and bleeding,
:::AW::: The key awaits in the depths of the river,  cleansed of all unholiness.
Me and my team ❤❤
Arcassin B Jan 2015
By Arcassin B & Lexi

Pretty colors,
making no sense at all,
wind flowing through your hair,
Its already bad enough to even fall,

it disappoints me how such ugly words, can taint the beauty standing before me,
such gorgeousness caused butterflies to flutter at the bellows of my stomach...
but to my surprise,w poison butterflies fall from your lips as gold stares into my eyes
why does your tongue allow such ugly words to fall from it..
your beauty tends to blind other people from processing what you just said, but i hear everything,

Pretty colors,
making no sense at all,
wind flowing through your hair,
Its already bad enough to even fall,

Just be sure you don't take anything,
Before you go,
Although parting is such sweet sorrow,
It can't be enough i its bitter,
Worms through the apples,
Your sinister look,
And falling clouds,
Have no effect on me,
I've written enough just know,
You'd mind control me,
Or at least try to,
Crumby attitudes,
O I hate to see a smile turn evil,
Like Connors boot,
Mud filled,
I underestimated you,

Pretty colors,
making no sense at all,
wind flowing through your hair,
Its already bad enough to even fall,

Underestimated how your lips could give a heart such warmth, yet your words always seem to send a chill through my bones  
The way you'd wipe discrete tears from my face and make me laugh
Sometimes made me forget
You're the one that caused them,
How dare you part your lips and ****** such spiteful words against my heart with such pressure?
Youd always seem to manipulate my thoughts, rearrange my mindset or tilt my perspective, and with such tainted I love yous and eyes so full of gold,

So unusual.....
hey guys this collab is from me and my team mate , her name is Lexi and she is in my group called the prisms , she doesn't have an HP but she will join us soon but she is a part of my group so welcome her with open arms.

Arcassin B Jan 2015
By Arcassin B & Creep

Same thing happens every other time,
Blue mist in the grape vines,
Holy cross played a part in my blurred lines,
But love the hatred is a crime,
That's a hate crime,
But with repetition of actions,
Comes a pulse within,
Hate crime or not.
It dances like lights
On cerulean waters,
Emotion on faces,
But there is no justice,
So what are we fighting for,
Law enforcement do nothing,
But even the score,
Like why do you have that badge for ?
The badge?
Nothing but a show
Of power over the people.
We are young!
We will not be contained!
We refuse to let our wings be clipped,
We shall fly!
Same thing happens over and over,
Maybe some need for disclosure,
Better quit while your ahead,
Like they told ya,
Or you'll end up in exposure,
The pigs,
Better look for closure,
But exposure is what is needed.
We need to be stripped of
These styrofoam wraps
That suffocate us
Slowly, surely.
They will **** us in the end.
Society today,
Arcassin B Jan 2015
By Arcassin B & Quinfinn

Where's the love,
If you love me,
Instead you have me feeling so empty,
I've never in my life felt so empty,
This room never been so empty,
You had a love for writing songs,
Delayed meetings to hear you sing,
But the only thing I write about,
Is have your finger tangled with a ring,
In hopes that we could be more,
And nothing positive anymore,
Drug head I think I need more,
There's nothing more to say,
I got the direction , I just hope you know the way.
love doesn't just go away
so, i guess it must have gone astray
it's not forgotten..somehow i know
just lost its way on a lonely road
but what has filled my heart with dread
there may be no signpost up ahead
a billion stars in the universe
we are merely two, it couldn't be worse
ever expanding is this endless sky
and we lost each other, i know not why
sometimes a man just has to cry
sometimes a man just has to cry.

while pieces of you still churn within me
like a paper boat in a raging sea
desperately searching for a place to land
as you slip through my fingers like the sand.

I was glad to be your man,
But inception got in the way,
Not good enough doubt's,
To have the affection missed in any other way.
Miss love
Arcassin B Jan 2015
By Arcassin and Eli

Eli : You're hard and cold — but I think that is what I like most about you. 
Even though I step hard enough for you to utter a sound, you allow me to come back and repeat these actions. You make me feel... Powerful?

AB : scrubbed down between every single crevice , seeing my reflection inside you , makes me wanna clean you more,
In socks sliding on you , covered wooden exterior,
Watching each line crossing over another line, creating   superiors, amusing ?

Eli : I could look at you all day. Your shades and spots make me feel at peace because your imperfections remind me that I can be imperfect. You remind me that I don't have to be spotless and smooth. Looking at you is... Pleasing?

AB : potential in your smells , honestly rubbing my finger across the surface , checking for ricocheting dirt cells,
Bad taste in my mouth , for the disgust of dog hair,
But in awhile , vast at the wonders and the beauties of the tile.
Too much beauty ?
A little something from eli and me ✌✌✌
About  wooden floors lol

— The End —