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Alex Gifford Aug 2019
It's that moment
when the pieces
of the puzzle
all combine.

And you see a
glorious picture
that you doubted
that you'd find.

And then after
when the pieces
are inspected
each with care.

You see purpose
and see meaning
each too valuable
to spare.
This came to me all at once. It's an attempt to describe the feeling of your mind being blown when everything lines up and finally makes sense.
Monet Echo Jul 2018
What if every little thought
That lives inside your head
Instead of hiding away in there
Was spoken out, was said?

Would you be embarrassed?
Would you hate your mouth?
Would you rather be mute
Than let the truth come out?

What if every little thing
That people thought of you
Instead of being tucked away
Was heard, was listened to?

Would you be ashamed?
Would you cover your ears?
Would you rather be deaf
Than let the truth come near?

And what if every image
That passes through your thoughts
Was freed from its prison
To roam until it rots?

Would you be disgusted?
Would you look away?
Would you rather be blind
Than see your thoughts at play?
Dr Strange May 2015
I can't help but to wonder if this is all a dream
If this life I'm so obsessed my true reality
Or is it some concoction I dreamt up to make the perfect fantasy
What if my reality was actually my dreams
And my dreams my reality
Are the people I have come to love even real
Is this pain I have felt for a thousand years the real deal
Are these words even those of my own
Or am I being fed these lines from some alternate universe
What if the mirror was actually portal
And the image I'm seeing is actually me from other world
What if I'm actually paralysed from the waist down
And this desire I have to run is just me fulfilling my goals in my dreams
What if all of this was just a lie but we believed it as truth
Tell me you have never wondered this to be true
Wondered if we are actually dreams of another
And what if we are...
Then what would you do
Cause me personally don't have a clue
ruby stains Feb 2015
that *******
is **white and
anyone who sees blue and black is batshit crazy. thank you~
Bella Anima Aug 2014
You're the gas
To the empty car
And that empty car
Is me
And you are the gas
That left the car empty
But you are the gas
That can fill the car up
To make it move.
Dont know if this makes sense, but I just really miss you and i cant move.

— The End —