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The Unsung Song Apr 2018
I am weightless.
There is no up, no down.

My thoughts are free,
they are evolving and dissolving and revolving around other oxymoronic ideas.

My body is trapped,
it is confined, asinine, and constantly refined to what I believe,
or what I enjoy.

Why is it that every human on this Earth has to be stereotyped?
I want a world where we first ask someone how their day is going,
before texting the first person on their phone that the other person is a ****.
Don't judge others when you don't know their story to begin with.
S Sep 2017
Her smile is too fake
That girl is not okay
She tries so hard to be like them
But her attemps are in vane
She’s different and that’s great
But she doesn’t know this yet
Nobody dares to be her friend
She is alone and so afraid.
Does it ever end?
- S.
Being different is okay, in fact it’s great, it’s what makes you one of a kind
Nico Allentine Oct 2016
That appears to be part and parcel with this human incarnation
My ego cuts ME off with no oxygen
I? Flail and wail like a child whose lost his mother
A fish in a world meant for another species entirely
I dissolve, evolve and transcend my shape to embrace
Not only you but the I in you and the you in me and the never-ending connectivity of human consciousness.
Awaken and its as if I've fallen into a nightmare, a terror so vivid
More real than reality.
Alas it is reality and I am awake and dead
And so are you.
Though still alive, ironically in loss of a body
I feel my connection, my mother, my father, my familia in the plants.
With the animals.
With the humans and their complex struggle
Divided always , but entirely one within themselves
The world at large
When disengaged from ego, re-engaged with the World Soul
The loving awareness that you really are
Always was and will always be
Forever and ever
Completely not reliant on any outside forces.
In the sense of the verb as well as the noun.
When disengaged from ego, re-engaged with the World Soul.
Melissa Fayard Dec 2015
I do not understand how people just chew you up and spit you out.
Half the time I don't understand what is coming out of your mouth.
I loved you and you loved me but i guess our time ran out.

You ran to her and I stayed still
Hoping that you'll come back even though you never will.

I've watched couples smile and be happy, thinking what did i do wrong?
But it wasn't me, it was you all along.

You came back but i told you no.
Then you told me you had no where to go.

I felt bad, but i didn't care.
Hoping i'd turn around and you wouldn't be there!

You said "what happened? you use to love me"
And I said "yeah USE too"
CloudDreamer Apr 2015
Hello amazing person, good day!
Today's a day to rejoice and replay,
the sweet melodies of symphonies dancing across the winds.
And in the seas the sweet "glub blubs" of the fish and the splashing fins.
It's not a day to be sad, Oh no!
Yes, not a day to be grumpy and mad.
It's a day to be thankful for so many things that are special about you,
and sometime you'll probably agree with me too!
So dance and sing,
just as a bird is quite to a wing.
And you'll see dear,
your bright future is coming astonishingly near.
#Happy #Love
Hannah Mary Jun 2014
We have to grasp our hearts and glue our fragile bones together for the people who are shattered and yearn to be mended.
you aren't the only one that matters

— The End —