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xakilah Jul 2018
I’m better
When i think about you i don’t feel like
I can’t breathe anymore
I don’t hold my breathe anymore
I don’t take it for granted anymore
I inhale deeply
And i remember what it feels like
To be deprived
To be suffocating
Emm Sep 2017
--------------------                             ------------------
------------------------------                ­   ------------------------------
----------------------------------­--          ------------------------------------
----------------------------­-----Love is not----------------------------------
---the roses in a dozen,------@@@@@@@----------------------------------
-----------­----------------------------|>=<|-------you tie in a knot,---------
---------------nor words spoken, nor unspoken,------------------------
------------------------ but when our hearts meet, --------------------
------------- being one of the reasons they beat,------------------
-------------- in comfort,------------------------------------------
--------------­-- only we understand,-------------------
-------- walking hand in hand,-------------------
-------------- side by side-------------------
Amy I Hughes Aug 2015
It’s not a weight on our shoulders
Or an anchor, heavy on our feet
Not a ****** victory over others
Nor a weakened or beaten defeat

It’s not a maze of constant worries
Or an indecipherable scribble in our minds
Not a rulebook for our partners to follow
Nor a road full of stop signs

It’s not a game of **** and cheats
Or one image meant for all
Not a series of conditions ‘Only if…’
Nor split, withheld, or bought

It’s not sadness, tears or heartbreak
Or using one another for gains
Not ridiculous expectations to be forced on us
Nor emotions to be smothered or chained

It’s as natural as the breath we take
To give it out is simple and plain
It emanates from all our souls within
A light within us always untamed

Take a moment to truly find it now
Be still, be calm, be true
For when you do you’ll realise how easy
Unconditional love is within you

— The End —