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Jammit Janet Jul 2020

Tears of la llorona,
Her tears never stop,
Like her ambition and persona,

She feels her feels,
Full body and heart,
So much at times,
It rips her apart,

But she don’t need no seamstress,
She’s proud of her tears,
They represent life, love, and what’s real,

Where’s the pause button?,
To divvy up the pain,
Of being alive,
And feeling insane,

Why does every moment feel like she’s wired?,

Electric, hectic, full of fire,
Emotion as dense as the ocean,
Drowning in free-flow motion,
Fighting the odds, current, and notion,

When will it stop?,
She asks as she drops,

Pleading for that secret potion,
To calm her soul,
And prevent mental explosion,

Llorona, llorona,
She quietly smiles,
Though but intense,
She knows that’s why life’s worthwhile.
M Srisaravana Apr 2020
I see them flowers withering, Llorona,
The cold wind sweeps them away,
The leaves and stems are so empty, Llorona,
Come at ones to collect them, Llorona, Llorona,

There's darkness surrounds me, Llorona,
Like a burned coal mixes with the air,
It has consumed me to the core, Llorona,
You are my absolution, Llorona, Llorona,

They say I bring the calamity, Llorona,
Distructruction above all laid,
Even the full moon will hide from the sight, Llorona,
Take me to the river and show me Llorona, Llorona,

My eyes are filled with sorrow, Llorona,
No more butterflies of colors flip the wings,
A dune of a pale sand desert grows in me, Llorona,
Come with the rain and drizzle me Llorona, Llorona,

I wander in the woods and the lakes, Llorona,
Looking for a white gown of a woman weeping,
To give my will freely to your salvation, Llorona,
Hold me in your arms as I pass into thee, Llorona, Llorona,

If your wailing needs life to be taken, Llorona,
Let another child live with joy and meaning,
Take my wasted soul without falter, Llorona,
Let us go into the void of salvation, Llorona, Llorona.
Just inspired by the folklore of La Llorona

— The End —