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Jul 2020

Tears of la llorona,
Her tears never stop,
Like her ambition and persona,

She feels her feels,
Full body and heart,
So much at times,
It rips her apart,

But she don’t need no seamstress,
She’s proud of her tears,
They represent life, love, and what’s real,

Where’s the pause button?,
To divvy up the pain,
Of being alive,
And feeling insane,

Why does every moment feel like she’s wired?,

Electric, hectic, full of fire,
Emotion as dense as the ocean,
Drowning in free-flow motion,
Fighting the odds, current, and notion,

When will it stop?,
She asks as she drops,

Pleading for that secret potion,
To calm her soul,
And prevent mental explosion,

Llorona, llorona,
She quietly smiles,
Though but intense,
She knows that’s why life’s worthwhile.
Jammit Janet
Written by
Jammit Janet  28/F/Thunderdome
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