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Elle Dhani Dec 2019
Time went bittersweet,
Hopes and dreams are shaping,
including her sense of style,
sketchy colors from her attire

From roots to fruits,
colorful wheel of truth
her mates could have similar thoughts,
that her body lies and changes contour

an invoice of ****** characteristics,
continuously develop,
are you one of the assets? 

Hotter than a winter season,
bridges a glimpse of ****** desire

The pursuit of independence,
Her identity is prominent

She could be artist in many ways,
So do you,
A singer, dancer or a writer,
But she’s now logical, an abstract dealer,
or in many ways, an idealistic painter

She saw the world,
simply using her feathers
she thinks matches the weather,
but most of the time,
she fakes and heal from prayers,
that one day she’ll know most,
of executive’s duties or more
This poem's part of my final project
yellow soul Jul 2018
His childhood went up in smoke when his mom got sick
He found out, he could hide in that little cloud of smoke,
he made, when he exhaled the smoke from his cigarette.  
He lost the girl of his dream, because of the smoke
that went down to his lungs, out of his mouth and into her hair.
He tried to show her, that he needed her help by make smoke signals,
because he had heard that that’s the way to ask for help,
when its serious and nobody is around.
She never noticed his cry for help in the smoke.
his life went up in smoke.
yellow soul Jul 2018
Yellow         stands    
                   for     happiness         yellow    stands         for  
                                                             the          sun         yellow        is          a        happy        
              color            perfect           for        depressed      
                                                                                         teens       who        have           to       act  
    like nothing         is        wrong          to        avoid  
                                      sounding             like       the         biggest    
                                                                                     cliché         depressed             teens             love       to      
                                     tell      people        how     much       they  
       care       about         things        
                                                                                       there     stands          for        happiness    
                                             almost         as       much            as    
                  they           love         to        tell      
                                                                                                       people       they         are           okay  
                                                                                           even              though           they              are        in         pain
anshika gehani Jul 2017
I am a teenager,
I fight for acceptance,
Every day I try to flaunt the hours I didn't sleep,
And every night I dream of being abandoned.

I am a teenager,
I have to listen to each song,
Coz I don't want to be left alone,
When my squad is rapping "******".

I am a teenager,
I have to take care about my skin,
Coz some people say there's too much of makeup,
And others criticize of not knowing what makeup is.

I am a teenager,
Either I have to be hot or act cool,
There is no other choice,
Coz then I won't be in the school news.

I am a teenager,
I respect my teachers,
But just because every one makes fun of them,
I am blamed too.

I am a teenager,
And people expect a lot,
In this run of expectations and reality,
I  get *******.

I am a teenager,
I can't be me,
Coz today's teenagers,
Have got a definition to be seen.
Vid Feb 2016
I log on after a few days,
With the slightest hope,
That someone might be thinking about me,
On this very day.

How wrong was I about her?
She, who I thought had changed,
She was the only one to think about me today.

Maybe as a friend,
But a thought is a thought,
And sometimes,
A thought is enough to make you smile..
Vid Feb 2016
They tell me to think about my future,
I ignore,
They again tell me to think about it,
I again ignore it,
They say it again and again,
I ignore it again and again.

I can never understand why?
Why are they so bothered about me?
I have heard we come into the world alone,
We leave the world alone,
Why do they care about us then?
Vid Jan 2016
I sit here thinking about how funny a year can be,
When the year was on its up,
Life was at its down,
And when the year was at its down,
Life was at its up,
Ironic isn't it?
But, that's what life is,
We need to accept things as they come,
Wait for the bad moments to become good,
And the good moments to stay good.
Vid Dec 2015
Just when I thought everything is over in my life,
Then came in an angel,
Different from the usual,
A girl who's so broken from inside,
Someone I want should smile when I'm around,
She shares a lot of things in common with me,
I think I've been waiting for her all this while,
She is someone I can not stop talking to,
A person for whom I again started staying up late nights,
Not even a week of knowing her feels like a lifetime,
I want to fix her up,
I want her to love herself again,
After all this is done, I'll stay by her side the way she would want me too..
Vid Dec 2015
As I look back at our friendship,
I see how we've got so close,
From friends to best friends,
The thought that you might leave someday haunts me,
I'm scared sometimes,
I cry sometimes,
I just need you to be with me,
To help me fight whatever comes my way,
All I ask of you is to never leave,
To never break me,
Never let me be alone,
You're nice, be by my side,
As a help, as my number one,
As my best friend forever..
Vid Dec 2015
She's like a tigress, walking past my life everytime.
Making me fall for her always.

I thought I love her.
If I did, then why'd I always fight with her for dating someone else?
Why'd I act bad with her?
Why'd I not be more kind to her?
Why'd I not stay out of her life when I planned to leave it rather than her abandoning me?
Because I realised I can't stay without her.
Because I realised she was the tiny missing piece of my puzzle.

Didn't her happiness matter to me more?
If it didn't I wouldn't listen to her keep on telling me about him.
If it did I'd not listen to her endless talks.
If it did I'd not see the pics of him which she kept sending me.
If I didn't I'd not tell her how to convince him.
If it didn't I'd not even have read all the screenshots that she sent me.

If you ask me what I got after all this?
I'd say nothing. All I got was hate.
All I got was to listen to her tell me bye.
All I got was her telling me to forget it.
All I got was her ego.
All I got was her attitude.
All I got was me to hate myself because of whatever I did.

For all I got is to hate world,
to hate humanity,
to hate love,
to hate appreciation,
to hate living..

I wanna live more.
I wanna be part of something much better than her.
I wanna forget her.
I wanna be me again. I wanna be the real me.
I wanna be happy.
I don't wanna regret my actions. I don't wanna regret loving anyone.
Is that too much to ask?
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