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Cecilia Jones May 2018
dogs pulling at their own chains
not made to restrain but instead
made to constrict the throat
scratching and clawing at their collars
snapping at the passerby who extend a friendly palm
curling into a deep sleep under a meadow’s tree
people who try to speak up are only mocked
Cecilia Jones Dec 2017
a star, oh so fleeting,
falling too hard and too fast.
down and down and down,
until its inevitable crash.
why is it that if i make eye contact w someone twice im head over heels
Cecilia Jones May 2016
I used to sit in the shower and cry
because I didn't think I was good enough for everyone.
Now I sit in the shower and cry
because I'm not good enough for them.

I would frolic in the flowers
and laugh around and play.
Now I lay down in the flowers
and sit and sulk all day.

I had hopes and dreams
and a wild imagination.
Now I've lost all love
and all of my emotion.
Cecilia Jones May 2016
Sometimes stupidity is a curse,
sometimes stupidtiy-
is a bliss.
Wait, scratch that:
Stupidity is a curse,
but so is knowlidge-
I'll be arguing with someone
and they'll make a typo
and when I corecct them-
It makes them even angrier,
and I just don't know what to do.
I can't just stop,
I don't know how,
I can't.
I will...
If they stop making mistaeks-
:) feelin' really inspired in the middle of science class
Cecilia Jones May 2016
Attraction** is a curse,
It's quick and fleeting,
or it's burning and everlasting.
Love can be real.
Yes, love is a concept,
yes, love is an idea,
to make us feel safe and protected.
The only truths in life
are pure.
Liars and fakes
surround all of those who tell the truth.
They take and destroy
those who wish for a better life.
They strike down new ideas,
and they steal from each other,
not realizing
that none of their inventions
are truly theirs.
A slight remake of my original poem "Attraction".
  Mar 2016 Cecilia Jones
He would bring me orchids,
To the cemetery late at night
We would make love amongst the tombstones
In the pale, moonlight
Whispering sweet promises,
We both knew could never be
I prayed to the godless heavens,
That he'd be mine for eternity
Now he forever lies,
In that cemetery by the sea
Only the scent of death and orchids,
Brings his memory back to me
Cecilia Jones Mar 2016
Sometimes two wrongs
will make a right,
but only if
you try to stay strong.
Two rights
will rarely make a wrong,
but when it does,
you’re *******.
wth i found this written in a doc when i was organizing files so here take it
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