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Amanda Hawkins May 2020
destination unknown
surrounded by people yet feeling alone
what have I done?
the world’s greatest game
is when you miss the stop
but you won’t feel the shame
le petite mort on replay
and for her bottom I was the perfect top
who’s there to blame ? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Samantha tully Mar 2019
I'm a girl, and im straight,
But fo'swear my mind isn't,
I fell for a girl, she lives in japan,
I'm in love, you wont understand.

Im breathlessly a little insecure,
Im nervous, but my mind is sure,
Let my sense leave and fade
Because honey, love is just faith,

I was trapped by her cherry eyes,
Her face, where my attention lies,
My glance asked for a kiss,
While she lent me a smile,
My cheeks turned red like her rosy ones,
She is all that I desperately want,

She smelt like Christmas morning,
She felt like tender touches storming,
No lust, yet my tongue craves to taste hers
The mark on her breast, matched mine,
We'd look perfect together, we'd be fine.

I'm a girl, and im straight,
But Perhaps my mind isn't,
I fell for a girl, she is from japan,
This is love, you wont understand.

Maddy Kay Nov 2017
You are someone I can trust,
You are someone I can be comfortable with,
You are someone I can tell anything to,
You are someone I'm glad to be with;

I am someone who appreciates you,
I am someone who doesn't care what anyone thinks about us,
I am someone that will do anything for you,
I am someone who is proud of us;

We are people who were meant to be,
We are people who are in love with each other,
We are people who love each other's touch,
We are people who cannot stand to be without each other;

I am in love with my girlfriend...
And everything about her,
And what she does...
Maddy Kay Nov 2017
God, i wish you were here,  so that I could give you hugs and kisses...
I just wish that we weren't so broken on the inside...
People and memories just make us broken on the inside and outside...
That's why I am depressed... on the inside and outside...
And even though you are happy on the outside, you are just using the happiness as an excuse to cover up the sadness on the inside...
You and me...
We may act different, but we are somehow the same...
But how about this...
Why don't we just be the broken couple together...
You can be the shoulder I cry on, and I'll be the bandages to your wounds on the inside...
If that makes sense...
Me and my girlfriend are both broken on the inside, but that's how we get through day-by-day in our relationship

— The End —