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Khadro Jama Jan 2018
Wow.. where to begin
It’s a new year
A new day everyday
But I carry stories in my heart
Stories through age & experience
The future is always uncertain
While I am still understanding
The past..
where I got off my training wheels early
Not by choice
Words of others are hurtful
Somethings are not enough
Like wanting to celebrate Father’s Day
But never have I
I haven’t seen him in 18 years
While I  have learned to live with
That reality
I can’t help but wonder so much ...
Confession of my early broken heart
I never ....
I cried every holiday as a kid.
Adults that make selfish decisions
Forget who it falls on after you leave
In my case I lost my best friend
before we could make that relationship
it was already a lost cause,
I lost my knight in shining armor
Who’d protect me from  the world
I didn’t survive that long
After freshman year
I was even more lost than before anything
With no one to protect me
I was already the sheep that was eaten by the bad world
With no magic protection
With no warm blanket
With no armor
Left alone with no one
As a adult now
I’m very disappointed in Him.
It took me a long time
to accept my new upchanging reality
Talking about it dose help!!
Maddy Kay Nov 2017
God, i wish you were here,  so that I could give you hugs and kisses...
I just wish that we weren't so broken on the inside...
People and memories just make us broken on the inside and outside...
That's why I am depressed... on the inside and outside...
And even though you are happy on the outside, you are just using the happiness as an excuse to cover up the sadness on the inside...
You and me...
We may act different, but we are somehow the same...
But how about this...
Why don't we just be the broken couple together...
You can be the shoulder I cry on, and I'll be the bandages to your wounds on the inside...
If that makes sense...
Me and my girlfriend are both broken on the inside, but that's how we get through day-by-day in our relationship
Giano M Hurtado Aug 2016
shirtless and drinking my six dollar sangria from a measuring cup.
never has the formula been so close to be solved. the exact moment when we can say we have made it.

twenty four onces in and my neighbor seems to be a little put off.
this same man comes outside once a day to ask me about college without even putting pants over his underwear so tonight I figure indifference is key.

Summer is a gross mess, even when your doing nothing you find yourself pouring sweat through your white button ups, you looked fine leaving and now that your here doing your best to sound interesting to girl at the bookstore you just look slightly sadder and fatter than before.

thirty six ounces and red teeth tell me that we have made it.
Sydney Ann Jan 2015
We love you more than you could know,
We see your pieces as a whole
I wish you'd really look inside
And see the beauty no one can hide
Your poems are gold
Your words are bold
Light that no one can hide

Everything that is beautiful is cracked; that's how the light gets in
New challenge idea... Poems of moral support for those you care about, USE #hanginthere AND PLZ PARTICIPATE!

— The End —