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Samantha tully Mar 2019
I'm a girl, and im straight,
But fo'swear my mind isn't,
I fell for a girl, she lives in japan,
I'm in love, you wont understand.

Im breathlessly a little insecure,
Im nervous, but my mind is sure,
Let my sense leave and fade
Because honey, love is just faith,

I was trapped by her cherry eyes,
Her face, where my attention lies,
My glance asked for a kiss,
While she lent me a smile,
My cheeks turned red like her rosy ones,
She is all that I desperately want,

She smelt like Christmas morning,
She felt like tender touches storming,
No lust, yet my tongue craves to taste hers
The mark on her breast, matched mine,
We'd look perfect together, we'd be fine.

I'm a girl, and im straight,
But Perhaps my mind isn't,
I fell for a girl, she is from japan,
This is love, you wont understand.

Samantha tully Mar 2019
It's like a house, with 20 rooms,
But you're living in one.

You've got all that space,
But youre suffocated and conjusted,
You're trapped in that one little room,
Sitting in the corner,
Living in the dark.

Walls with no windows,
Door with heavy lock,
Ceiling with bits and cracks,
Floor with ***** water puddles,

You're starving,
Yet you're choked,
You're alive,
Yet you feel numb,

Your heart beats like,
It's going to stop,
Your body as cold as death,
Your heart lives on a threat,

Day or night,
You're still in darkness,
Your heart accompanys your mind,
You're dumb,
And your thoughts speak.

That little room is your world,
A world with no escape,
You've forgotten yourself,
You're only ready to visit grave,

You sing yourself old lullabies,
Yet the monsters in your room
wont let you sleep,
You smile,
You smile dead,
for you know,
You'll soon sleep forever.

The cracked ceiling
Is drifting apart,
Knocking your head,
And you know,
The fall is on a start,

20 rooms but you're trapped in one.
The one that finally broke down in two,
You weren't ready for that, but your soul was,
You finally saw the light hitting your face,
A glance of happiness came for a chase,

Yet, In a single blink,
You're dead,
The ceiling had fallen on your head,
Blood shattered,
Monsters cry,
You died in light,
While you lived in darkness.

Its like a house with 20 rooms, but you were living in one.

— The End —