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Maddy Kay Nov 2017
Every minute that passes by, feels like seconds,
And every day that we aren't together, feels like years,
So tell me why,
That I have this strange feeling that I might lose you?
Everyday we are together at school just doesn't feel like enough time for us to be with each other,
It hurts to know that you are the reason I cry all of the time,
But you are also the reason why I laugh all of the time,
So for you I will stay as long as you want me to,
And in the end, I just hope that we will never be through;
Maddy Kay Nov 2017
You are someone I can trust,
You are someone I can be comfortable with,
You are someone I can tell anything to,
You are someone I'm glad to be with;

I am someone who appreciates you,
I am someone who doesn't care what anyone thinks about us,
I am someone that will do anything for you,
I am someone who is proud of us;

We are people who were meant to be,
We are people who are in love with each other,
We are people who love each other's touch,
We are people who cannot stand to be without each other;

I am in love with my girlfriend...
And everything about her,
And what she does...
Maddy Kay Nov 2017
After realizing that we couldn't even go a DAY without hugging and kissing...
That's when we finally realized that we CANNOT live without each other...
And that's a good sign, because that means we are PERFECT for each other...
And being perfect for each other doesn't mean that we have to fake like/love each other...
No, it just means that we can be ourselves, without a care in the world...
And when that happens, we finally realize that we CANNOT stand to be without each other...
And THAT is when I finally realized that I had finally found my "Happily Ever After"...
This is my first poem I have EVER published, so please give me a break... This poem is for my beautiful girlfriend...

— The End —