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the black rose Dec 2018
be not influenced by the forces that try to dim your light.
your dna consists of forces that demand you shine bright.
don’t you ever play small,
though sometimes you may fall.
get back up & keep going,
the world needs you.
be blessed everyone ;)
the black rose Dec 2018
when you’re lost in the wind,
i own the words to soothe your soul.
keep your diamonds,
i am worth far much more than gold.
inner peace, especially
you’ll find when you get near me
your fears alleviate.
you’ll see the unseen.
my aura is of essence,
my destiny derived
from the bloodline of creation.
i am creator,
in disguise.
you see the linger in my eyes.
you see all that you’ve been deprived.
i am the truth.
i see fulfillment in my youth.
simple blessings,
i am simply blessed.
when i am lagging i just catch my breath.
a certain healing in the wind,
a certain power from within.
a flower from the earth,
a flame you can’t put out.
more power to the earth,
reveal all you are about.
a soul with depth of oceans,
light energy waves in motion.
so calm,
silent devotion,
a dose of magic potion.
the black rose Nov 2018
everyday i pray for you.
i pray you’ll always make it through,
whatever life may throw.
whichever way it goes.
i speak positive words.
i speak success,
& strength to chase your dreams & give your best.
you are safe & secure,
you are blessed, i am sure.
because everyday i pray for you,
everyday you’ll make it through.
the black rose Nov 2018
silently fighting the demons from my past,
a constant fight in my mind,
a battle i can’t outlast.
it’s so amusing how hurt can hurt for so long.
how it has proven me weak,
even when i feel strong.
the black rose Nov 2018
there are no fairytale endings in this darkness,
the only ones that are amongst us here are heartless.
we are the ones that love too hard,
we let the world tear us apart,
we are the ones that seek the chaos and the madness.
the black rose Nov 2018
no ill intentions,
just the prevention of aggression.
my first impression,
want your affection.
i need attention.
i need protection,
from the drama that’s here in every direction.
mis-placed perception,
never pictured myself falling in deception.
the black rose Nov 2018
oddly enough,
i am oddly out of touch with this world.
i am weak & i am stuck in a whirl.
it’s love i seek,
but hate i find.
the raging anger makes me blind.
i am so lost and out of time.
they say do good and good comes back,
& ive been good yet still i lack.
maybe i should forget it all.
no one is here, no one to call,
to pick me up on days i fall.
im not enough.
the black rose Nov 2018
you want more than you can give,
i can give it to you.
i am more than a mistake or a whatever to you.
i have more than what it takes,
i am higher than the stakes.
i am all that you imagine me being.
when you close your eyes im all that you’re seeing.
i told you lies,
i crushed your heart.
i did these things,
tore us apart.
manipulation is my art,
i was deceiving from the start.
but no one sees what’s really there until the view is clear.
you’ll never understand my version,
i don’t know what’s fair.
you’re afraid that you’ll get played.
makes me wonder why you stayed.
makes me wonder if i ever meant anything.
the black rose Nov 2018
though i yearn to be near you,
though your smile makes me excited.
though your eyes are all i dream about.
my love is unrequited.
that’s just how it’s meant to be.
you knew what you meant to me.
i handled you, gently.
but you seem to resent me.
guess im laying in a bed that i made.
i despised the reprise of these days.
you know where im coming from,
go easy on me.
it is karma, she has always won.
she is all i can see.
walk a mile on my feet,
bet you’ll find what you seek.
everyone can have their fun,
just not me.
i am the bad guy.
i cry a sad cry.
say i always play the victim.
**** i sure know how to pick ‘em.
the black rose Nov 2018
i have days i am blank.
i have days all i do is write.
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