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The year's clock finally ran out.
We made it through struggles...
Fought some of the most grueling wars..
Earned numerous victories...
Here's what New Year's renewal clock is all about.
Pain in the heart..
Agony in our bones...
Diseases that we have fought to eradicate..
Fighting with Selfless Charity and Self Support
We braved the waves of another year in life.
We cheer and shout, for yet another refreshed and clean Slate,
as we Stay past the Midnight Deadline...
Cheers to us, who never gave in or up, who stayed strong and proud..
we stand, together, united and true, bonded true and forever..
Singing,forever, the unity
Souls start to intertwine.
Holidays are of what one makes of them.
No matter where we spend them or with whom we share
these times with....
It comes from the beats
of a Human Heart
from which flavor of the moments in which we place out there
Cheers to staying true,blue, and real
It takes strength to remain in such a beautiful state
The celebration of the one's who share your life
memories of those who passed on
Even just sending a text to those who think of you...
Such are things to cheer and sing
and cut the first piece of holiday pie with a favorite knife.
Traveling,stationary, or in high-octane work modes - we flow
with the beat of this season's cheerful reminder in heart
of the miracle we have been given of family, souls in memories of those we shared our life with, and the moment we have to be free and at rest
or doing such things
that bring out our best
in this life we have only one try
To remain strong, true,blue, and a force that remains
in flow to the next future and also remains in the written books of history.
Wanted silent like the dead
Never allowed the freedom to shine
The world cannot see this "zoo animal"
who is locked away....tears are the only objects to shine.
Invites happen when money can pay for a temporary
exit from the padlock paid to become unlocked
He gets a taste of the world
of freedom
As the people around him grow bored and lustful for more silver
His soul is returned to the cage
Until the next pay-check
or interest to play
with the tortured soul
who has limited ways
In which to escape this ritual
of being owned like a slave
He tries to break free
as help never reaches him
He is not the "political" definition
for the charities to choose him
On a selfish whim
No matter with family
Or celebrated solo
Thanks to life and friends
Your soul is no low.
Energy to understand why
Grateful energies lift you up
Is worth more than a dinner
And a wine filled cup.
Thanksgiving is the celebration of
Freedom,strength,life, and appreciation
Not just for friends and family
For every thing you've earned,enjoyed,and the life you are still in
Such things are worth cheers and celebration.
Thanksgiving,life,respect, Kevin Michael Kappler, chrystalyx
Lying in this cage.
Lost on closed off ways
in which to succeed and to thrive
I fall into myself and do a head dive
Inside the depths of sadness
No one seems to have the time or investment to place in you
you have talents
but when you cannot prove them
you start to fade empty too.
How do I escape this debt and pain of the lack of people?
How do I prove myself as I do try so very hard
as I still feel chained like a car inside an impound yard
you have the strength of hope and grab ******* strength
trying to pull yourself out of hell by light's rope.
Send me a signal
and I'll work hard to repay you
Leave me to fear another tick of the clock
and you have sat back to watch a good soul
waste away
as your failure to aid in his darkest hours
take on his sanity..a heavy toll.
Never too comforted
Signs the changes of times
The clock signals
"musical Chairs"
For those who are on the clock's list of ones "confronted."
A part of this "great machine"
the whistle of the Factory marks the start
of the end of the old "rhythm"
Collides with the flow of "adjustment"
to the Era's last Mark
to the "Comfort" calendar Back to the
"scheduled news" flashing the once "in pace soul"
Back to another "tired pace start."
Might we call this rat race dinner title
"Future's Salad Al a Carte?"
I jumped too high...too far
I fell to the ground.
Dusting myself off..the demons of fear attacked.
Putting up my Fists
On Flaming Grounds..

Jack Flash failed to jump his candlestick
Hitting those who tried to drag him under from all sides..
He is trying
With what little strength is left
He grows weary and sick.

He knows not who closest to turn too
As he reached out a hand..they laughed and scolded him
In his face....Blasted flames upon his reaching fingertips

Trust chains' links broken
He begs for another tomorrow
As he brushes the chard burns off of his hips...

"Must you expect everyone to be the same?"
"Must I be cheated from my future?"
:Must I be afraid to ask for help?"
"Because you fail to believe in my truths?"
"I tried to show you, such..I'm Broken."

I walked far behind those leading...
They push me to fore fill what the don't understand
The ways they think I am roaming, aren't
the processes to health aren't worth the much
truth flows through the cracks...
as I battle those demons, still.. "Trust?"
"For the ones who listen...who don't attack"
"Finally seeing the me"
and then I'll follow..
if rewards find us both..
Free Flying above
the clouds
Soaring above the Earth and through the stars.
Past all of the known planets
Those  out of our galaxy
The new planets I view
The new and hotter suns I see
Blaze more energies to fill the empty regions
of my mind
called "mystery."
Fuel my spirit and make it run harder
To new found inhabitants and their newer worlds.
Astral planes of spirit that don't require a vessel
or star ship to hold in or hold back
the soul that travels as it's own transport
Faster than any "law of physics"
Realer than the factual brought in by third party satellites.
I gather more and more brighter and true information
Later to bring such forth in my grounded and non-traveling form
Waiting to share my results to those who don't limit their beliefs
to any said "rule" or "fenced in logic formula"
I ride the waves to the calling gates of astral transport
As my soul escapes my heavy and limited physical self
Late in the night
The recordings of fact stored in the logics of my soul
Are vivid and ready to be replayed
to share such gifts of learning to those eager to believe in it's payload
and form.
I am grateful for all the souls who ran into my journey in life.
Flowing freely, forward, full of light by your energies..
I am recharged through the meetings and friendly energies added to my passions along my way...
These souls that have since inspired me
Create new reasons to add to my creativities and blessings..
to lighten up a once thought of "lost  world"
Your memories prove to me the innocence and purity remaining on this planet
The same as the scientists plan to escape or
stamp in their books as "******."
I set forth not just to fore-fill to the reasoning and to the finishing of my journey, no.
I add your uniqueness of flavor to my ingredients
bold and pure energies...
as I engage new cities and souls along my soul's path
I think of you..
I am able to fight and win against disrepair's
cruelty to this land and I fight back....Against his evil wrath.
Energies from one to another
are powerful and fluid
Just like a radio
They are used in the same manner
to share feelings and news
However noble
no one ever watches how the use
such a powerful force
that another hurts another
even through another
misunderstanding the voice over the air waves
until the designated listener is destroyed in silent craves
that some sick or some angered chose to use as a weapon
to silence another energy not quite as shady or
as of what form of disease that the announcer directs
their audiences at..
After such voices, from the announced message, are silenced
There goes another misunderstood energy and voice
over your "empathic radio receiver" which was people
never took time to weigh out the true power or reason of
makes the subject dedicated to from all of the announcer's
"sources and feeling"
Die in vein from treason.
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