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She is Still shining bright
Dedicated To Selena Perez, A Brilliant Musical Soul.

As Written By Kevin Micheal Kappler

She is Still shining bright

A soul thought into permanent “rest”

I see her shining upon my body

A secret rendezvous

We greet one another every night

She still sings to me

A sweet and Welcoming tone

Of a Spanish Melody

She always makes me feel at home .

Surely the one that she also visits at night

Sees the Moon Goddess as she holds him tight.

Dries our tears

Fills up once void and empty years

I am truly dreaming “of you tonight….”

For every tomorrow

The Moon Goddess visits her dearest

Souls together

We dance in rainy streets

Now sun dried

Together and forever.
Watch me as I fall

Hear my echoes

booming down the halls

I slipped

I shook

I fake

A Smile

Then I break

Watch me as I rise

Up from the fall


With me

As we fly

From the view of prying eyes

As we answer to destiny’s call.

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A victim of anger
Both inside
Down and out
I clashed with the forces of reality
A scarecrow in the trash
Thrown forth from the energies
storms of "the Stranger."
Wicked beauty...
I rolled down town
A cracked out clown
Down with the sickness
I never wear my permanent frown.
I hold on
I surpass all the danger.
So look at me
Stronger and free
The sun now shines
and the new inner me.

Rap rhymes, kappler,chrystal kaye, poetry, victim of anger

— The End —