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Wrogue K Nov 2018
Sometimes I feel like a mirror.
Even though I
can see that it's me,
I don't feel
at all.
Am I
really staring at myself,
Or just reflecting someone else?
What's really real?
What I see
or what I feel.
I'm ashamed
to say, I'm confused.
Energies from one to another
are powerful and fluid
Just like a radio
They are used in the same manner
to share feelings and news
However noble
no one ever watches how the use
such a powerful force
that another hurts another
even through another
misunderstanding the voice over the air waves
until the designated listener is destroyed in silent craves
that some sick or some angered chose to use as a weapon
to silence another energy not quite as shady or
as of what form of disease that the announcer directs
their audiences at..
After such voices, from the announced message, are silenced
There goes another misunderstood energy and voice
over your "empathic radio receiver" which was people
never took time to weigh out the true power or reason of
makes the subject dedicated to from all of the announcer's
"sources and feeling"
Die in vein from treason.
who will keep the keepers?

we are the patron saint of broken souls, bearing the weight of the sorrows of others; yet who will carry ours?

who dares to hold us up when our hearts are too heavy for the chests that carry them?

we are the menders of broken minds, we fix the fragmented psyche; but who will sew our tattered edges?
november 14th, 2014

the lament shared between sisters, empaths, and psychologists.

— The End —