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KRYS Apr 2016
Mama always said that
Repeating something
Over and over
Will wear down it's meaning.
Or lives, are the same way.
Watch the sunset
Often enough
And it just becomes 6 p.m.
Make the same mistake
Over and over
And you stop calling it a mistake
If you just wake up
Wake up
Wake up
Wake up
Wake up
One  day you'll forget why.
Nothing is forever, mama said.
Hello Too Sep 2015
Below your beautiful face
There are two beautiful mountains
On the top of that each two beautiful mountains
There are two beautiful stars

Below that two beautiful mountains
There's a hole .....
A hole that you and your mother
used to link to each other

Below that hole
There's a river ...
A river that no man can ever sail it
Except for the man with success ......
I've written myself in those poems;poems that were dedicated for you. Now I realise you just stole my passion for the world and the beauty I used to contemplate in art and everything that surrounded me. You know what? ******* I can and I will live without you, yes it's cold but you get used to it .
I'm lame lol bye . Day 7 you left
Poetry by MAN Jun 2014
Elevator going up in my mind
Cosmic awareness is what I find
Vibrate pass doubters prove them wrong
Power from my words..makes me strong
Poetic my nature feel the storm
Rumble like thunder reality torn
Let go of my ego butterfly born
Cocoon in my mistakes expose my true form
Up so high I begin to float
Spread my wings flutter by with hope
Get on the elevator there is room
Answers open up you don't have to assume
Expansion of spirit feel the rise
Visions not seen by the eyes
So come along elevate with me
To the top floor of our destiny..
M.A.N 6-26-14

— The End —