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Mae May 25
An empty chest
A stomach of pain
Swirling thoughts
Around in my brain

Countless hours
No time to live
Everything I am
I have to give

There's no point
Unless there's love
An endless equation
No one can solve

Day by day
It's all the same
Misery and sarrow
With someone to blame

Are you living?
Finding happiness
Or are you surviving?
Combatting mental illness

No courage to get help
Independence is key
Aid is unaffordable
Never free

Kindness of the innocent
A beacon of light
Someone to follow
Out of the black night
Grey Apr 2018
Just a greasy haired rotting soul who lost the girl of my dreams.
A pathetic weak kid who can't forget.
I've had breakups before, this is brutal agony.
A ghost haunting my wretched soul.
The whole world in my arms, the Girl who Played with Satan.
The irony of a cage fighter and a book nerd.
She was all I had good in this world and no more.
Grey Apr 2018
A park where we spent the days.
We laid back against that tree.
I told you to close your eyes as I picked a flower for you.
A rose.
Its funny how you can remember small moments.
Things you wouldn't expect to think of again.
Ciel Dec 2016
Whisper in my ear
                     -sweet velvety verbatim.
Caress my thoughts
                    -rose-petal fingertips.
Comfort me.
Ma Cherie Oct 2016
Like the leaves beneath my feet
death comes in a grateful theif,
best not to dig a grave ahead of time.

Cherie Nolan © 2016
No notes

— The End —