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Poetoftheway Jul 2020
even temporarily, this day, your emeralding grass handkerchief,
equates our dispositions, so differently identical,
your name, our initials, in opposing corners, embroidered,
your grass tapestry upon this troubled earth, a scented, joint, poetic
remembrance, that though it’s but words that bind us, we! we know!
the songs we sing of ourselves, we sing in synchrony harmony.
Xaela San Jul 2018
At one time, I was alone on a cliff
Dangering my own lonely life;

Then in a swift moment in time
As if I felt the summer's touch
I turned around and saw you;

There you stood, filled with hurt
And a glint of indescribable smile

In such hurry, warm tears fell down

"I thought no one acknowledges me"

Thus, thank you for the handkerchief.
Marisa Lu Makil Apr 2015
Army men
City girls
Turned nurse

Hands held over

Mason jar IVs
Cleansing white

Yellow on white
Death in the air

Blood in my mouth

No new people
In months.
We know what it is.

We have Typhus
And it's not going away
Until it has ****** the breath from all of us

Until we are all dead
6 feet under
The ground
Based on a TV show I am currently watching :)
Хейли Apr 2014
You always looked good in dark suits with golden buttons on your cuff. Those were always a nice touch, to stand side your perfect figurine.
You were everything I once wanted. But now, you really aren't.

I see the rushing of the real truths of you, swell into your own hands, dropping a ball, losing your own special touch of sportsmanship with not much of a fuss. You're letting yourself lose the game.
Just letting ***** of truth squirt out through your veins.

You're losing your grip right out from your own polished finger tips and dripping red of blood.

You constantly try to pull white handkerchiefs of innocence from the wrists of your cuffs. But, those handkerchiefs are all just red...
Don't try and gamble a bad hand if you can't keep up. You never could keep a good bluff.

— The End —