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Star BG Aug 2017
Mother Earth is birthing
And I, you are experiencing
the birthing pains
as we shift our consciousness.

Modalities of separation disintegrate.
Ties to old feelings of lack
are replaced with abundance
and compassion.

The heart of Mother Gia
calls aligning us
with the powerful Challenger
to be who we are.

I feel it as I struggle less and less
over mountains of bills.
I experience it more and more
as I connect in breath
to the Divine.

I now live it as an awake being
ready to move with the force of love
to assist Humanity and my Mother.

Join the bandwagon as the midwife of the universe
Join as to end the struggles
and help birth a new world.

StarBG © 2017
Star BG May 2017
Yes, I have seen the moon in all its glory
giving me its gift of brightness to usher in dawn.

I have heard the gently breeze that echoes
with its divine orchestration of sound.

I have inhaled the melodies
of sacred wildflowers that move gracefully.

Indeed, I have partaken in fruit fresh from vine
that becomes Mother Gia’s gift on hot day.

I have felt two hearts become one
as time stopped and the gift oneness gave wings to soul.

I have been inspired to write by the gift of spirit,
as I bond with higher self and Mother Natures Kiss.

Yes, I have, as I hug a tree, and celebrate me.

StarBG © 2017
Inspired by poem of Jimmydon "Have you Ever"
Star BG May 2017
Riding bike I glide
sandwiched with Gia and sky.
A grand place to be.
inspired by Anna Papaya
Star BG May 2017
In morning breath,
my gratitude prayer rises from heart.
It starts for Gia, the Mother of us all.
The place we move upon in life to feel her love.
The Mother, who hugs us and whispers inside wind,
carrying a diamond at core to aid with wisdom.

Once said, many a thought of gratitude builds
like a volcano of sacred light.
For The Divine whose essence of love filters through me.
My life's gifts, that emanate within to share.
Angels and guides, who shelter and lead in grace.
Father sky, whose vast precious highway is home for birds
and rainbow dreams.
For parents who taught me well,
even though lessons dished out were sometimes hard.

In breath another round begins.
For ancestors that lead in pathways of discovery for me to be born.
My family and friends that anchor me when seas get rough.
A sacred form who takes a beating and keeps on ticking.
And for all people on their journey,
whom I have been blessed to meet.

The list goes on for every moment, every breath
and my soul who has given me life force energy.
Energy, to make a difference and experience life on earth.

In morning breath I am grateful, grateful, grateful.
Being grateful is empowering even when you say it for things that are difficult in life. Try it you'll like it.
Shawn McEwan Sep 2015
Rent today, own tomorrow,
A world of excess and material sorrow,
One likely to accumulate, what we call best,
Another will depreciate at their own behest,
Peaks arise from man's own wallet,
Enslaving children in far away squalor,
To keep her entertained, we need not bother,
The mother earth in her glorious colour,
Defined by time in it's infinite heap,
We reap what we sew, and so we reap.

— The End —