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Georgia Marginson-Swart
19/F/London    My days in a twilight haze
georgia sophie
16/F/Australia    pour yourself a cup of tea and dive into my thoughts
Zowie Georgia
'Everything Is Always Touched By Something' -Zowie Georgia 'A poet can survive everything but a misprint.' ~Oscar Wilde


Ahmad Cox  Feb 2014
Ahmad Cox Feb 2014
by Ahmad ***
Gia I adore you
I emplore you
Give us one more chance
Your children's folly knows no bounds
We seem bent on destruction
Bent on our own twisted ideas of justice
That justify the destruction of others
We can not see
We can not hear
The cry of Gia
The cry of our mother
She cries for us
She cries for herself
She cries for all creation
How much longer must she cry
Before we hear her
Before we recognize her
And we allow our beautiful mother Gia
To breathe
To heal
To sing
And to live
Äŧül  Nov 2016
Äŧül Nov 2016
Daughter of an American restaurateur,
She breathed in fashion's golden age,
On the ramp, she was hot like wildfire.
A playgirl, she likely broke a million hearts,
Prancing on a hundred beds in her life,
Of course sharing with hundreds her arts.
Also engaged in doing drugs just so often,
Not caring even a bit about the sterility,
Oh, how she shared syringes and needles.

*Be successful - but never ever like her.
Gia Carangi (born on January 29, 1960) was one among the USA's first commercially successful supermodels.

She died of multiple AIDS-linked disorders on November 18, 1986 (aged just 26).

She probably got AIDS from her substance abuse and the improper sharing of non-sterile needles if not exactly due to unprotected casual ***.

HP Poem #1240
©Atul Kaushal