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helena luce Sep 2018
Confession theory 1 : I'm afraid I've fallen in love with a boy who doesn't reciprocate. 
Confession theory 2: I'm afraid I've fallen in love with a boy who doesn't even realize he's fallen too.
Confession theory 3 : I’m terrified that I’ve fallen in love with a boy who never got over his first
Confession theory 4 : I can't differentiate left from right or up from down, I'm afraid I've gone completely mad.
Confession theory 5: This has been just all a mess in my head, I guess. 
Confession 6: I've fallen in love with you so deeply, so deeply I'm afraid
You see, I'm afraid it's only me
So are you,
Falling for me too?
Or is it true,
I'm just not the one for you?
Galbraith Frase Oct 2017
Tell me, if loving you is healthy
Been holding my tongue full of worries

Nature's shades can be yellow, blue, or green
Please show me things I have never seen

I'm only asking for dominance, full of desire
You had your chance, I can now call you a liar

My hands cannot stop from writing you different poems
Afterall, I still wonder, will you read all of them?

All of these try-outs is a waste of time
It's all unworthy, was it because I'm out of time?

'Could see your sins and they are relentless
I know you're skilled, though I still think you're perfect

The options I've been dealt are done foolishly
These silly reasons are lowkey plain stupidity

So tell me, if loving you is healthy
You can tell me the answer to stop and finish it with an advisory
What a good start for an account, aye? ****, this is a complete popped-up brain idea, nothing intentionally personal :) So yeah, I'm new, hello there x.

— The End —