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Grace Frederick Nov 2018
Nothing is really forever broken
Everything can be fixed
Tape, Glue, and staples
were invented for a reason
they fix certain things
Communication, journaling, and therapy
are to fix the other things
I am fixable
you are fixable
it may take some time
but it can be
Morgan Floyd Oct 2015
I've been told that i'm not fixable
That when I smile it's not believable
The human race is so unpleasable
I'm not sure what to do...
Wipe away your tears girl
Crying won't change it
Laughing will repair it
That's it
There you go
Life is short
Don't live it broken
That's what they say
I don't buy it
You see when the tears stain my eyes
That's when I feel a live
So when I lay in bed
I cry
No one sees
All they see is the smile
During the day
They fill me with pills
Here take this you'll feel better
They say
It doesn't work that way
See I'm the kind that feels lost without her tears
Fill me with the pills that steals the tears
Hannah Holliday Sep 2014
The other day I asked God if I was fixable
If something so torn could be stitched back together again
He still hasn't answered me back.

— The End —