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renae Nov 2019
I got so afraid of losing you that I subconsciously numbed myself of your love

My biggest fear came a reality when I realized I was pushing you away

When really all I wanted was you touching me, loving me

I became ungrateful and unbelieving of your love so I wouldn't worry about losing you

But, I've come to realize, I want to risk feeling the pain of losing you

I want to love you so hard that, if this was our last day, I'd lay easy knowing I loved you with all I had

Worrying about the future, unwillingly numbed my present

And, I will fight so so hard to get it back
Feeling like you've lost someone even when you haven't kills you inside. But I realized it was my doing, and all I want to do is fix everything.
Andrew Kerklaan Jul 2017
It is in this moment of shame that I am most dishonoured

I can physically hear the folds of my clothing rumple as I collapse into the sidewalk of my mind-- skull fragments reverberating off the backs of my teeth and echoing dully in the absence of mind.

Silently and absently, I will expire -- My final call




I will die here...
                               Even if only just in a dream
Just because you have depression does not mean it is incurable.
Do something about it. Stretch your limbs, fill your lungs and hug somebody you care about. Find some sun, don't hide inside and I assure you things will actually be just "alright"

— The End —