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Hafza Awan Sep 3
Narrow egoistic minds always take your justification as an argument.
So better not to challenge their small minds, they will never understand. Let them feed their egos with pride of victory.
Nina Sep 2018
I should've held you tighter
Should've held your hands more often
Should've tell you how much i love you,
Should've tell you how much i care.
I should've kissed you
Should've give you more attention

There's so many things i should've done,
But didn't because of my egoistic self
K Balachandran Mar 2016
1.Emotional obesity

Her enlarged ego, she proudly wore
as if it was an impregnable armor
what an observer could see was
an emotionally obese siren on the prowl.
her mate too was thoroughly
compatible  to her,
when they danced, two enlarged
egos rubbed in a way really wrong.

2.Ego trouble
Every ego is different in shape, size and measure
but in essence all egos are capable of making troubles.

3.Killing ego
Killing ego isn't about blood and gore, it's good riddance,
that's the way to make light go euphoric, proliferate.

4.Ego goes in to a bag

Every individual ego soon  finds on its own,
an equally capacious ego bag to carry it around.

5.System breaker
When an ego problem seeps in to a system,
it'd establish it's nuisance value; helps to easily sell it.
Noandy Feb 2015
The crooked tooth was just a tooth
Which sat like a worn-down moth
It dreamed for a free-hug booth
Though it never managed to go on forth

The crooked tooth was just a tooth
Which waited like a crippled witch
And always wished for its tiptoe path
While it knew that was just myth

The crooked tooth was just a tooth
Yet it kept a daydream to breathe
And to have a sparkle bath
Drenched between life and death

The crooked tooth was just a tooth, though
Which cared only about its growth
And shall only be a single tooth
Which then stood still at the end of birth

The crooked tooth was just a tooth
And it stood alone among the row
Of skull preserved by merciful death
Unaware of the dreams it had dreamed

Never mind that.

For the crooked tooth
Was just a tooth
A worn-down moth
A selfish tooth.

— The End —