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My mind sees God
Evolution, Big Bang
Mirages, and horizons

God, what is this?

Take my mind back
Give me sanity.
The canoe is
Emerging from
The horizon

My dreams,
Are too heavy
For the canoe, and

Should be junked
Into the river,
Before I get in

Soon, I will cross the river
But isn’t it a dream too?
How equal?

In the other side
Of the rope;
Only me.

In this side also;
Only me.
The canoe
Emerges through
The horizon

Dreams, too heavy
For the Canoe,
Belong to the river

Soon, I will cross the river, but
Is it a dream too?
Don’t erase the picture
You may feel like drawing it
Again, and again

Don’t draw the picture
You may feel like erasing it
Again, and again

Just keep watching,
Then you will see that
There was never a picture.
A mirror comes forward
When a camera longs for a

Who can help mind?

Mirror is the mind itself
Camera And selfie
Are also the mind
How did the same
Golden thread that
Interweaved our hands
Start to cut through the
Diamonds in our rings
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