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Death, calamity, beauty or yields
Neither I own them nor I care for

I never gloat or I never lament
Never I reign and never I respond
To accord or rescind, never is my right
To bless or curse is beyond my might

Nothing exists that presses my buttons
As I hold no buttons of any kind
There’s no agenda I wish to pursue
‘Cause I have no wishes that I long for

Time or space I can never sense
And I’m of no order nor I’m random
I just happen as it may happen, or can happen
Still, at any time, for sure, I’m not chaotic

Yet, we share our misery of being true partners
Who cannot opt for a divorce of any sort
As we both are clueless and aimless
Two-blind -wanderers handcuffed
We all have,
All we have,
We all are:

Just memories.
A heavenly fragrance
Smelt while in a coma,

An exquisite place
Seen in a hallucination,

A profundity
Grasped in a cognitive void

Enchanting memories
Gained in an imaginary world:

To keep the darkness out,
I must keep my eyes shut

To receive light,
I must leave my eyes opened.
From my shoes,

Joy and anguish
Death and birth
Patterns and laws

From nature’s shoes:

A random flow
With no labels


Dreaming to be really in my shoes,
Buried deeply inside your self-made shallow shoes
Raged with delirious brain fits
You stamp on me your favourite sole prints

If you must know, listen and forget not
I wear no shoes at all
In the temples we built in our parallel hearts
Furthest away in two inverse Universes
With zillions of blackholes and white-holes
With no wormholes or radiant light rays,

On the altars, reside our muted tenderness (2020)
Our gift
Our torments

Our fortune
Our predicament

Our joy
Our agony

Our Mind!
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