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Me in the rain now wry dusk nigh
and hail next awesome seed
even lightning is on the way
that plaza carry street too
where crumbs last an entire day
if rampart ring side their wing
with a pigeon in flight that dine here
then my rapport commence with dance
but a lesson left to chance
dawn in these throes of thunder
but wake incredible desire
and shake an incredulous mess
though my excess horizontal
with wind and sea ex aequo.
ex aequo in Italian means first
spysgrandson Jan 2017
a refugee from Yale, and the stale stench
of old money, he took a job with the park service

where he maintained outhouses,
and got high in the cover of cottonwoods

this crap crew job gave him no
deferment from the draft, so he landed in Can Tho

he didn't clean outhouses there--little people did,
stirring his dreck in burning diesel for 75 cents a day

when his Huey was shot down in the
Mekong, only he and his door gunner survived

they hid, submerged in paddies until dark
hearing faint but ferocious voices of the VC

who never found them--and they made the
miracle mile back to base camp, covered in muck

that smelled like dung; a scent that stuck
with him in dreams, no matter how much he bathed

when he came home, he again labored
for the forest service, and asked for ******* duty

fearing if he lost the smell,
he would lose himself as well

an amalgamation of two stories I heard, one immediately before going to Vietnam, and another four years after returning--odors stick with you
No means No you sick
Pile of useless, vile cow dung
Her poor ears have rung
Dung trampled upon
Though soft, boneless and painless
Cripples a good leg
A great proverb for the wise ones

— The End —