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Ami Shae Apr 2017
Seems every time I come here I see
another change to my beloved HP--
oh well, I guess I'll try to stick around
and hope my writes don't sink or drown
in this abyss of the unknown --
(which seems to be the here and now) --
I hope all my peeps are still here somehow
and hope too that everyone knows I still care
it's just so disconcerting to come here and stare
and wonder what the heck is going on here
Perhaps in time it will all become clear?# Ami
I just don't feel as inspired as I used to when I come here. It's kinda depressing. I hope I get the hang of this place again before long. It's late...I'm going to try to come back when I'm more alert and read and comment when I feel a little more coherent. I hope each of you are doing okay. (((hugs)))
Abandon all hope ye who enter here.
Thats what she tattooed just above her *****.
Seems at least a little disconcerting....
Eh **** it.
Anastasia Webb Jul 2014
They creep me out.
Those sticky-out veins in your neck,
the way they stretch like pythons’ tongues
as if they’re going to snap –
they’ll snap.
Like elastic,
they’ll snap
(just the thought …)

They creep me out,
the fact that they’re so FLESHY
and for some reason,
remind me of goats’ beards
and stringy turkey necks
(I don’t know, but,
just the thought …)

They creep me out.
I’ve got the weird feeling that
they could be snipped away by silver scissors
like loose threads.
They’ll snap.
Like elastic.
They’ll snap.
(just the thought …)

— The End —