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Doofinity Jun 2015
So insane am I that I am perfectly normal. For to be in sane is to be normal.
So why is it you are crazy if you are visiting the wonderful world of sane?
Am I such a loon that this question tickles my mind each day?
I enjoy sane. It's a beautiful land. Nothing matters there.
You can swim in the clouds and lay on the water. It is freedom.
...and yet, the only way to be sane is to join the hustle and bustle of the clockwork world, which eventually sends people insane.
Alas, we are normal, and you are crazy. We are simply visiting sane to catch our breath, and watch you drive yourselves nuts.
We are part of this world called sane.
We are sane... and you my friends, are not.
So what are you? You are crazy, as I said before.
As much as you resist, eventually you will fall in sane...
and join us watching people go nuts as they consider themselves sane.
How could they be sane if they have no idea where it is?
Let alone how they will become a part of it?
Am I confusing you? I'm just merely trying to drive you insane...
The more the merrier down here!
A Watoot Apr 2015
It's the simplest thing that makes my heart go crazy.
You never cease to amaze me.

— The End —