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You filled
The lonely void
But, took something
More precious when you

Thought we got
Something special
The lies you fed,

An entertainer
A pass time
My worth

Million pieces scattered
Around me
No matter,

Continents apart
A thorn
From my past,

Poking me
For naivety
I crass,

Trust a
Foreign land
I fear to venture,

Burnt thousand times
Scars lathered
Still burning from
Alt you poured,

Your laughter ‘still’
Rang in ears
Calling me unworthy
I swear,

You whiled
Away with pride
Crushing mine,

I carry the ashes
To this day
Remembering the words
‘You were to easy to sway’
a rider there found the lore
and envision his plan
though surely a wire tell
and fine her in her skull
a minute's worth of plaintiff
while they meet rhetorical
and anchor a horse feather
this bar between hither
with Pegasus dimly lighted
and Chisholm Trail afoot
wholly charm a spirit together
in a kiss of extraordinary measure
that a yellow sky glitter
under the stars tonight
I am not a writer. I just write.
I am neither a poet.
I just want to drift and become a poem
And you will write me without complexity.

You see I am just a prose


Still you see my beauty - loud and trenchant.
Your hands mapping out the verses of my skin
As I feel the warmth of the words I wanted to hear
From those lips I have kissed.

Your thoughts lithesome as they sashayed on ink and paper.

I can see how you etched my flesh like scars I wanted to bare in their own nakedness
For I have been a savage for too long that I want to be something you ignite with a touch

I do not write.
No, monsieur
I do not.
I cannot.

You see me and read my like a poetry when I am simply a prose
You looked through my soul
Loved me beyond all of my flaws.
River Scott Feb 2015
i find
that the word ****
is a poetic word.

is harsh

"**** me"
is ******
not classy.

"**** it"
means a lot,
like ***** these ideas
***** what is thought.

I find
**** it
is a good phrase.
The other two
one that's positive
**** it,
implys a lot.
And in this case
it implied
what the others
and how others

I find the words "**** it" have caused great things in my life.

— The End —