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Mark Wanless Apr 2018
"Sonnets From a Conversation With a Friend XXVII "

Voluntary        imagination at
Work      hard sculpting reasoned movements
Fromout conditioned reflexed brain twitches
Happening right before our very eyes
We excrete whys that prove us right no matter
What no matter what the i sees i as i has
To see i to be the i approved of
Ninety percent habit don't fit the worn
Image      ninety percent habit not seen !!!
Astonishingly the rotting elephant
Carcass is overlooked      isn't there      dropped
Through the hole in the universe in mind
Psychically taking consciousness with it
Leaving us with mystic questions hard pressed
JRL Mar 2018
Sound pierces silence in the dead of night.
She awakens to prowl the path of destruction.
Screaming fills the air as the hearts of man sink into despair.
Feeding quietly on their souls the beast stares off - oblivion soon to follow
No one knows what's ahead - cowering in darkness they know death will soon fill their nostrils.
A stampede through their home causes shrieking and pandemonium.
There is no happy ending but hope lies in the unknown of extinction.
An unconditioned stimulus controls the innate reward pathway of her sick mind!
I'll never forget - though she will, truth lies in the size of the response which slowly fades into the dark.
September 2017
Words write the world we live in,
but don’t die convinced
that the conventional life
described by parents and people
“as if,”
is somehow more real
than the world
“as is,”
that you knew as a child
in fantasy and forest
accompanied by invisible friends
and departed family.

The net of words
indeed stretches wide
but don’t live
within its reach:  
live wild!
Terry Collett Feb 2018
You wanted to put it
all behind you,
put a distance

between that affair then
and you now, distance
yourself from him

and what he said and did,
wanted to close your eyes
and memory on that episode,

pretend it was just
a bad dream you had,
that even he couldn't

have been that bad.
But distance doesn't make it
less real, doesn't make him

like some phantom
of the brain easily constructed
or easily dismissed,

you can close your eyes
and mind as much as like
on that episode it will still

be there, you knew, and was
no bad dream easily constructed
or dismissed, you knew it all

started with a smile and kiss
which he deliberately
took the wrong way,

and left you damaged
and now like this.
Alvira Perdita Jul 2017
this is the story of a girl
who is conditioned to believe
that her achievements aren't worth
celebrating, because there are
others doing better than her.

this is the story of a girl,
who's afraid to talk in a group
because she's been conditioned
to believe that what she has to say
isn't worth adding to the conversation;
tired of having people talk over her.'

this is the story of a girl,
who's afraid to in the dark,
afraid that one of the horrors in her
mind have managed to crawl out
and haunt her.

this is the story of a girl,
who never feels like she's good enough.
a girl who tries her best with every
chance, but she's been conditioned
to believe that she can't do it.

this is the story of a girl,
who second guesses every opinion
that she shares, because she's been
conditioned to think that her opinion
is one of those that doesn't matter.

this is the story of a girl,
who feels like she doesn't matter,
because when she was reaching out,
desperate for someone to tell her that she
will be okay, nobody paid her attention.

this is the story of a girl,
who often loses hope, and always
find it difficult to regain it.
i never know what's safe anymore.
Happy to be a crack within the wall,
That sinks as people think and pressure builds
To strive for freedom, love and life fulfilled
Beyond these callous constraints of control.
Abiding standards set by- who? We fall,
From Self, the Source of true condition killed.
Accepting life through these rose-tints we will
Barely breathe the blessing given to us all.

Through all distractions you cannot deny
We're here. We're- where? A spinning ball of being,
And yet we waste this time, find faults and criticise
Ourselves, and others, still longing for feeling.
The only things we need, an open eye
And mind to help us find our way to healing.
Mokomboso Dec 2015
Welcome to the circus
The greatest show on earth
Dress me up and make me dance
Spill my coffee, smear the jam
At the clicker sound we stumble
Making a mess of the tea table
It's a zoo out there
From watch towers a life under scrutiny
If I do what feels good
Is it selfish?
Only living for the health of the soul
And the memories that have never been
It lays in waiting
The creature rocking, rocking
In fear of the enclosing walls
In safety the sanity is lost
Staring at murals of what lies beyond
At the bell the dog starts drooling
If I play my tricks right
I'm rewarded with funds to survive
So I can die some more
From the pandemic zoochosis
There is more dignity, I find
Savaged by big cats in the wild
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