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Orchid T Aspen Dec 2019
He ran from my demons
so I wouldn't have to.

                                      He yearned for more time
                                                     like I should have.
He lived as me.

He broke as me.
                                                          He spoke in me
                                     so I wouldn't have to.

           I didn't tell him he was human.
K Sep 2017
You were my favorite
emphasis on the word “were”
meaning no longer
Another almost
in the place where you should be
You are still my favorite

2. Past tense words are so sad
The moment when is turns to was
I was loved
I am sad

3. Almost
You can never turn an almost into certainty
when you stopped kissing me in even numbers
When 30 minute goodbyes turned into 3 minutes
Please just touch me one last time

4. There were only a few things in this life I knew for sure
I am terrible at speeches
We were dying
There are no decisions I completely made up my mind about
except you

5. Don’t go
Look at me
I’m opening the door
say something

6. When will you be finished ******* her
Because I miss your ceiling
and touching you and the way you looked next to me in bed
I will use her face to replace yours

7. You didn’t leave bruises in bed
but it did not stop you from hurting me
You broke me inside
Compartmentalize the underlined
You hit me in the car one day when I called myself ugly
Our friend was in the back seat
She didn’t say anything
You said sorry and that you loved me
You were just frustrated
Its okay
No. its not.
I promise it was nothing
Yes it was something
It wasn’t even that bad. It only happened once
It doesn’t matter

8. I hate that I still love you
you left boxes behind when you moved out
I will hide them in the closet
neatly packed away
to forget until another day
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