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Nadia Apr 18
The Cat is in the box
The box is too small
She sleeps by the fire
Caring not at all

NCL April 2019
gracie Dec 2018
Mom kept the cereal boxes on top of the fridge
out of reach from my thieving little hands
so I wouldn't spoil my appetite with
frosted flakes
But I'm taller now
5'5" to be exact
I don't even go on tippy toes
to grab my routine dinner of
cheerios and milk
to be eaten alone
in my room.
sunprincess Aug 2018
Come on everyone, let's Roundup our family and our friends,
And let's go ride on the Roundup merry-go-round

We'll laugh and sing and dance like we're Gene Kelly
"Singing in the rain "
We'll go round and round and round like in a dream
and see the wildest, strangest, most oddest things

We'll dance and sing better than anyone ever on the radio
After we finish every bite of our Quaker Oats
and honey nut Cheerio
"Singing in the Rain" is a beautiful movie
Whenever a blue moon occurs, I like to see old movies
She's a leaping high five
with her feet planted firmly
on the ground

She is a crescendo of sound
and emotion . Puts her finger to her lips and shushes me .

She bathes in moonbeams while
tantalizing stars knowing
their touch is too far

She hides behind the clouds when
the sun burns . Capturing the rays and
hiding  them in kelidoscopic jewels she wears around her ankles so she can see
where she walks on moonless nights

She teaches fairies to dance in rings
and in return becomes the dance instead

She's the Cheshire's smile that
disappears on the wings of a firefly
Something in the morning's guise
Leaves me lonely asking why

When one a world away
Said the same just today

I'm sure the sun will now arise
Up over the horizon by n' by

And stirring up down deep inside
The words that want to rise

So before the moon goes down
Before the birds stir around

I'll take a moment's notice and my pen
To say good night to God and men
Kate Lion Sep 2014
i will cram myself into a goldfish bowl
because it's awkward inviting people to look at me if i am perfectly normal
maybe everyone will forget to feed me
and one day you'll find me belly side-up

or perhaps i will dig myself into the cheerios in my bowl
i need a life preserver
and there are several stacked up in there

maybe i will get bitten by a computer virus and morph into code that nobody can decipher

or maybe i will write a poem
and it will preserve a portion of my soul

(so that my ideas may die without such a struggle)

— The End —