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it was 9 november
when we last met
and it was 9 october
when we promised to
stay together
and it was 9 december
when i realized everything
is faded
all are chats were deleted
few archived
all our pictures were burnt
all our forever(s) were lie
all our memories were faded

we both burnt in love
we both died for each other
having rooms reserved
somewhere in between
i started fading
i started hating
and i decided to die
die to
everything that made me cry
to everything that made me hate
to everything that stops me from moving on

Naomi Sullivan Jan 2016
My only friend,
I've been in this room for so long that the paintings on the walls have turned into motion pictures. Everything seems to be laughing at me and my lover has been sea sick since I left. The tides are rising and every minor thing makes the waves crash inside of me. I feel like it might be the season because this is about the time where we sink every year but find ourselves in fast paced rewind at the exact moment it started. When I close my eyes to the resting waters I can't take away the screams in my head. I don't know if the paintings even want to be around me anymore. I'm lost at sea and the ship is out of life rings.

— The End —