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Last night
on a walk
minding my own business
I was disturbed by a stranger in an instant
she smiled at me
and handed me a box of donuts.

She had just closed shop
and didn't want to throw them away
and seeing me, she hopped
at the opportunity to give them away
to a passersby

And since no one else was around
she gave me all 3 boxes
each with 6 donuts covered
in cream, chocolate and pastry
filled with jam, cream and chocolate

My first thought
(after thanking her that is)
was who would I share them with?
I knocked on doors, but no one was home
to enjoy this treat
and considering my recent treatment
as my life has been passed though a blender
I thought
I'll eat them all myself

And so I walked and walked and walked
with boxes of donuts in my hand
back home the flock
bent over the boxes
and one by one they ate them
and one by one they gave them away

Except for me
for I couldn't eat a single one
because they contained milk
and I'm lactose-intolerant
Vexren4000 Jul 2018
Boxed boxes,
Brought by buyers,
Bypassing bylaws,
Bystanders begging beggars,
To stop their boisterous begging,
Beasts berating beasts,
*******, beastly, bringers,
Bearing rings for ring bearers,
Loosing touch with world events,
Locking into self sustaining loops,
Cutting off contacts,
For the betterment of the whole.
empty seas Jan 2018
you handed
me a box
and I said
"thank you"
like I was
taught to

Then you
and carefully
as I climbed
right into
I'm messing around with my style.

that ain't
can ajar

devine energy
can be found
rats best
Izzy Oct 2017
I am torn.

Lines have been drawn for me.
Lines for me to exist in.
Lines for me to follow.

My life planned out by society from day one.

As children we were told to color in the lines.
The grown-ups were talking about coloring books, right?

Who knew such a simple instruction could become so sinister.
Who knew it would one day control our lives.

We're supposed to fit in these boxes.
But what if we don't?
nmo Mar 2017
Hell is this house.

Your phone calls
dropping at 4 am
like bomb blasts.

Your perfume,
like a refugee,
living between
my messy
bed sheets.

Your stuff,
strategically forgotten,
in every **** corner.

Each room a minefield.
Each drawer a thread.

I finally finish packing up the last boxes.
Load them in my car.
Close the front door.
Turn the engine on.
See you waving from the rear-view mirror.
Kewayne Wadley Feb 2017
And when it comes to her.
She leaves little to no room for any moment to be occupied by something else.
Even with that being said. It still feels like there isn't enough time in the day.
No matter what happens.
I'll always remember how it feels.
The stroke of her cheek against mine.
Trapped together in a cardboard box.
Frame by each corner.
A genuine box. Wrapped tightly in the gentle caress of arms.
It seemed like a good idea. Provoking each other's silliness.
Considering how attached we were, it really seemed like a good idea.
No special paper, no gift wrap.
Just scrunched up faces in a small space. Trying to figure out how to tape ourselves in.
Postage stamps sealed to the side.
In deep thought wondering where we'd end up next.
If only we could keep one flap closed while one of us taped us in.
I suppose it would be easier if we brought tickets and boarded a plane.
But wheres the fun in that.
Mailing ourselves away for a day or two
Realizing that the best things in life are free
George Krokos Sep 2016
All those empty boxes of our lives
are like those things love deprives.
Our minds and hearts can't bear the pain
if in all we see there's nothing to gain.
And how cold it is without any friends
who don't pursue or share similar ends.

The days are bleak and fleeing past
before our eyes can make them last
and the nights are all needless to say
just like dark shadows of each day.
If we find it hard to make ends meet
thoughts in our mind are not discreet.

Yet life could be better or worse still
when we follow all those who thrill
and captivate us with their own ways
making us believe them as in a daze.
Particularly when we see in their faces
something that we're lacking in places.

How strange it is and so true to say
that life goes on regardless anyway.
It often comes as no surprise to me
when the people around fail to see
we are all living on common ground
and only have empty boxes to sound.
Written in 2016.
Cheyenne Sep 2016
I know you're crazy.
I know I'm mad.
But I know that we're happy,
So is it so bad?

I know that it's wrong,
I know that you warned me.
But I know that I like it,
So is truly abhorring?

I know there are limits.
I know there's a line.
But I know that I crossed it,
And I'm doing fine.
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