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NitaAnn Jan 2017
I have not felt the urge in so long
Tonight the desire is strong
I attempt to resist
But I find myself tracing the white lines
Over and over again

For now, I trace with my fingertip
However, tonight the desire is strong
The desire to see the shine of the blade
To feel the pull as it neatly slices the skin
To see the bright red as it fills in behind the blade
How long can I resist this urge

Now where did that come from
Look a shiny blade in my hand
I have missed you
Let me see you work
Let us make new scars
Akhil Bhadwal Jul 2015
With manic laughter
He kills and slaughters
Reason, he doesn't need
Bloodthirst, is all he feeds

Raging, through the streets
Killing, whomever he meets
Inhumane, are his deeds
Merciless bloodthirst, he feeds

Once again the moon is covered with shade of blood
Now is his period, the one named Jason Mud
Again, he's out to ****
Quenching eternal bloodthirst, yes he will

This prose follows the deeds of a fictional serial killer named "Jason Mud".  Whenever, there is a full moon, he's out to **** and gets his ***** job done. Follows a a b b rhyme scheme.
Meenu Syriac Apr 2015
I dream,
Let me slumber, kind heart.
Stare into the fire,
Burn your eyes with the truth.
As a falling star turns to dust,
Dreamers will awake
To the sound of an ending world.

I cry,
Sing to me, minstrel.
A tear will flood this barren land
Our hearts have run dry of love.
Listen as the sisterhood prays,
Shouting out to the gods
That forgot us.

I crawl,
In the dark, take me.
These wounds have turned septic,
With the poison in our veins.
Read my lips as I sing of a battle,
A page out of an endless book,
Written with the sins we bled.

I forget,*
Enlighten me, lost soul.
Have the gates been closed,
Have we lost all hope?
Blood and dust,
Pain and misery,
Where have all the good men gone?
Maybe not a biblical apocalypse, but one has to just look around and see that humanity has lost its way.
©Meenu Syriac

— The End —