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I'm falling apart in every way and I can't find the words to say
The places I've been and the things I've seen
I don't think I'll ever be okay
Why was I born into this life and why can't I get away?
Its a curse, an endless curse that has lasted many lifetimes
I'm calling out my prayers but get no answers
I guess god is currently offline
so much for being divine
God is just a ******* and doesn't accept us rejects
Who will answer my prayers?
Who will make me feel blessed?
Oh, is it you, Baphomet?
Created by me on December 22nd, 2019
Lou Mar 2018
My anger is a gift.
My anger is a gift

And for, that you will not acquit me.

So judge me.

I get it,
You wanna stick up for the little man
But what are the terms and conditions
you got written on your hand?

Is that freedom?
Determined to rid the vermin
Hatreds poisonous venom
Annihilation of oppression
By concreting a standard that fits your balance?

Disguised by liberal ways.
Cause the left won the culture war
And we must fulfill the agenda to save the day.

Or is it about the money?
With a buck in my right hand
And my left fist full of pills grasping in half prayer for rehab

They say I need help.
My mental status is high on bad health
I'm caged in my brain,
All 9 circles of hell
With no guiding light,
I'm always told to tread light
My heart beats questions,
my words start fights.

I am the snow storm of Capricorn
Loose chains around my neck


Astro-Tarot cross burns with no exhaust
At the bottom of the gate,
You can see my bones in Lucifer's mouth.

So why do I feel angelic?
My anger is prolific
Biblical scriptures leave me destined for heathen obsessions.

I am the division
No balance without permission
My air fuels fires and creates unison.

I am destruction
But  rebirth in the same phase.
Cycling the celestial waives
Swearing in God's name.

I can't be the only one
Who feels that condescending thumb
We must create a stage to fit the population
who wants to express their pain to his son.

But its crowded,
About to cave.
The weight of the world will be best defined in mass graves.

And here comes my gift.
My anger is my bliss.
I can't come to grips on why the world is the way it is.
I respect this age for hands raised in rage.
But I will be quick to slap down others who think they are center stage.
I'll break anyone's four walls and follow Shakespeare in a Socratic annoyance.

This is a moment of clairvoyance

Repeat these words with me and find a voice;



Dissolve the paradigm
To form a new life



My gift to the world
Is written on my arms.
kind of a mind dump, haven't written much lately so i decided to just try instead of festering. This is about frustration of knowing who I am and dealing with social Olympics of others and the political landscape. The "in the moment philosophy", most seem to indulge on when arguing to be right, but really the point has been agreed on, just like to hear themselves talk.
Anger is a gift that triumphs over subordination of current status. If you're unhappy and oppressed, dismissed, this maybe for you.
Yvonne May 2017
A glance towards the innocent
Only you don't see it that way
You put your hatred into others
to make sure they will obey

Use and misuse the human rights
"Oh Baphomet your wicked ways"
The diversions you desire
The perversions sought on earth

Since dawn of time, your presence
brought men satisfying lies
Lust in the holy ****** her eyes
Baphomet a name full of essence

Praised by those who found you
To provide destruction
Hang the skeptics..
Yvonne May 2017
Roaming in the dark
seeking life to take apart
Once a creature with a higher purpose
But after your missteps you began to hurt us

Destruction is what you live for
You want us to suffer because of our nature
"Baphomet I know it's hard, you don't know regret."
Try to be logical avoid your hateful thread.
Helping you is like a deathwish;
we know the dangers but we still accept it.

There he stands the creature of deception
In the eye of the beholder, he makes no exception..
Mr Zeal Jun 2014
This day your either caught up in Baal, Baphomet or Bethel.

Since I was a kid they was trying to trip me in a fairytale..
Dragons are Good and alittle magic won't ****.
So far from the truth but some say who's gunna make these scars go away... Well tell me where did the scars come from?
Cause we know evil is bad and good is the truth!
If your caught in a lie dosent that mean that God told you?
Certainly not!
It came from baphomets mouth, so why are listening to liars mouth?
Dragons are real and so are unicorns
But dragons destroy and it takes a sword and one man to overcome him..
Maybe it's me?
Maybe it's you?
I just wanted to show you Baal is what we create for fantasies and selfish ways.
Baphomet is the Devil who lies right in your face.
Bethel is a holy place that keeps truth as it's king and good as it's God.

Wake up!!! For one day we will be on one side or the other...

It's hard to tell the truth and love someone who dosent know Good, but it's easy to fall and give up for a lie and at the end never notice that lies were getting life from you.

Forgive me.
Good is good and bad is bad

— The End —