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Danny D Baal
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Randy Johnson Mar 2016
Baal was a phony god that was worshipped by many, including King Ahab and Jezebel.
Jehovah put it upon Elijah to prove to the people that he was the true God of Israel.
Satan created Baal to turn people away from Jehovah God.
It took Elijah to prove to the people that Baal was a fraud.
Elijah knew that he could show the people the truth and make Baal falter.
He told them to slaughter a bull and use it for a sacrifice on an altar.
Elijah told them that Baal would be the true God if he could burn the bull but no fire came.
But then Jehovah God sent down fire and burned the sacrifice and that put Baal to shame.
Even though Elijah had the wood and bull covered with water, both still burned.
The people saw that Jehovah is the true God, that was the lesson that they learned.
King Ahab and Queen Jezebel promoted Baal worship and it was something they came to regret.
Both of them ended up dead and God was pleased with Elijah who was the boldest of his prophets.
Chapter XXVI
Messiah of Judah IV part
Miracle  V - Gethsemane / Aramaic Phylogeny

They come out of Bethlehem, all on the Giant Camels. Of the seven spaces in the column, the last one that was occupied was the seventh where King David was going. Of the five spaces that remained, the Cherubim were going they were playing with Raeder and Petrobus; they would shine with their adventures flying towards the heights of the majestic Sun. The cherubs tinkled with the tinges of angelic Abrahamic beings, involved in the adoration and praise of the Caravan. Cherubs are mentioned for the first time on the route back to Jerusalem, with the great participation of bumblebees, bees and wasps, all flying alongside the Cherubs, Raeder and Petrobus and Alikanto. They would all stay up to seven hundred meters before reaching the eight gates and returning to the garden of Gethsemane. They were surrounded by dance in the Aramaic phylogeny. The bumblebees were embedded in the hills laden with echoes outside of man…., Putting themselves to the east of the Garden of Eden in rows of Cherubim, with a burning sword that was stirring everywhere, to guard the path of the tree of life. Ezekiel describes “four living beings” as the same beings as the cherubim, each had four faces that were like man, lion, ox and eagle - and each had four wings. Regarding the appearance of the cherubim: "there was in them the likeness of a man" These cherubs used two of their wings to fly and the other two to cover their bodies.

Beneath their wings, the cherubs seemed to have the shape, or likeness, of a man's hand that resembled the Aramaic phylogeny, which linked the organic environmental pollinations of the Lepidoptera, which were carrying the fertilizing spheres to reach the scrawny angiosperms. The Christic language was inaugurating on the fringe of the frolicking land, which awaited the inauguration of the Linguistic Phylogeny, to attend to the edicts for the perenniality of language, which relates Gethsemane to the olive presses, the cherubs flapping their wings to reach the father - Abba. With the flashes of the Apocalypse the Cherubs danced happily, magnifying the presence of the Apostle in the Hexagonal Birthright with the holiness and power of God. This is one of their main responsibilities throughout the scrawny abbey of members mobilizing to meet one of the twelve apostles with propaedeutic assonance attached to the twelve giga camels, in addition to singing praises to Iahvé, they also served as a visible reminder of the majesty and glory of the Messiah.

The Apostle says by parasychological regression: “A fascinating walking route in Jerusalem begins at the top of the Mount of Olives and curiously leads us to the route that will be taken after the evangelical legs of the camelids that will take them to the Holy Sepulcher, continuing through the Damascus Gate ..., here the camelids were restless! Very close you could see the topography on the top of the Mount, between the route of the feet of Bethany and Jerusalem, the Garden of Gethsemane appeared to us full of Cherubim ..., Joshua's prayers in Aramaic are felt sneaking into the camels' snores as they felt the prayers before his arrest in the Orchard. "

In here, at that moment, it happens that the bumblebees arrested the apostle, taking him to a specific sector of the garden, where sacred water and humid wind continue to flow, having olive trees growing in the garden of the embossment with huge risers, to be bordered by the oil pipeline in olives to grace the Lord on the laurels in Daphnomancy, as a holistic form of divination by which they are intended to make predictions using the leaves and branches of the laurel, chewing the leaves beforehand and then igniting them towards the crackling of the sacred fire of Aramaic Gethsemane that lit the Joshua's sacred paths and feet, and the Cherubim also carried on their four wings, with four laurels on each laureate wing. Thickened with palm energy, they walked towards the main entrance of the alzamara. They arrive in the surroundings of Gethsemane, surrounded by the Daphnomancy of the laurels that the Cherubs, the bumblebees and others carried on their wings that would be in charge of inseminating the pollinating particles in the angiosperms, thus they would rescue the smallest words and their verbal serial in the words that were transferred from the Kafarsuseh stable in Betehelem, so as not to misplace the Aramaic word, being thus redistributed to Gethsemane, by the Lepidoptera and bumblebees, wasps and bees.

This inter-organic phenomenon would make re-couple the verbalized accents of Joshua in mature and unborn age, in such a way as to preserve the Aramaic dialect, to re-clone the same groupings and intentions as the environmental phylogeny of the dialect, in cultural ritual that would write it. with the insects and the Cherubs, to re-enchant all the pluralities that would be arranged in the Garden, to energize the oil pipelines for the salvific and appearing of the image of Saint John the Apostle, King David, Vernarth, Etréstles, Eurydice and the remaining that compose them beyond the seventh camelids until reaching the last one; the Fifth Cherub who will be the scribe present with Peter and the two sons of Zebedee; only one with the close in great courage San John.

His Holiness Joshua said: “Abba…, Father, all things are possible for you; take this cup away from me; but not what I want, but what you. Then Joshua came and found them sleeping; and he said to Peter, Simon, are you sleeping? Have not you been able to watch one hour? Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation; the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. Again he went and prayed, saying the same words. When he returned, he found them sleeping again, because their eyes were heavy with sleep; and they did not know what to answer him. He came the third time, and said to them: Sleep now, and rest. Enough, the hour has come; behold; the Son of Man is delivered into the hands of sinners. Get up, come on; behold, the one who gives me is approaching. ". From a few lively little, henchmen lights were seen to the greater discontent ..., they were the executioners, attached to the hostile broken leaf of the laurel that fell on his back" On fire and cracking in all their offspring "

The anticipated visions were fertilized by the Cherubim, who advanced events in the chronological life of the apostle, which was related to his life as an apostle and evangelist of the new succession after returning from exile. It was coming close and entering by a path, it was a path where the lines of oil pipelines were that crossed the subsoil of Gethsemane.
Fifth Cherub Septuagint: “As a scribe of the Hexagonal Birthright, I refer to two hundred years before the birth of Jesus, where he developed a Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures that became widely accepted as a legitimate (even inspired) translation. Tradition relates how King Ptolemy II of Egypt established a vast library in Alexandria. However, it was not complete, and I wanted to have a copy of the Hebrew Scriptures in it. Ptolemy sent representatives to Jerusalem and invited the Jewish elders to prepare a New Greek translation of the text. Seventy-two elders, six from each of the 12 tribes of Israel, came to Egypt to fulfill the request. And like your Santiago you will write with me the allegory that will shine more in Alexandria. They were driven to the lonely island of Pharos, where at the end of 72 days, their work was completed. King Ptolemy was pleased with the result and placed it in his library. When the task was completed, the translators compared them all and each was found to be miraculously identical to the others. The result later became known as the Septuagint (from the Greek word for 70) and was especially popular with Greek-speaking Jews during the following centuries. Hebrew was displaced and Aramaic prevailed, which is the New Testament language that will influence the eclectic Aramaic language that was also promoted to heaven with Joshua to communicate with all the preaching of his Father, in the sacred phylogeny with the Lepidoptera and her entourage. "I am sitting on the last camel, and I know I will be the first.

Ellipsis  Prophet  Elijah: “They were on Mount Carmel, when I summoned the faithful of Baal, Ashera and others. I summoned them to seal a new covenant on the slopes that pointed to the barking in Jezrael, from which a long and cursed drought was lamenting. At the moment all the congregants were absorbed by the imprecation he made before Ahab, inquiring the abandoned Baal and killing the 450 pagan prophets, they called Baal in several days and nights and did not answer, Elijah mocked him saying: “Call him with all his strength. Maybe he fell asleep and needs someone to wake him up. “The people gathered on the mountain, and then Elias told them: “You have to make up your mind. If Jehovah is the true God, follow him. But if Baal is the true god, follow him. Let's do a test: the 450 prophets of Baal must prepare an offering and call their god. I'm also going to prepare an offering and call on Jehovah. The god who responds by sending fire is the true God. “The people accepted. Elijah put his offering on an altar and poured a lot of water on it. Then he prayed, "O Jehovah, let the people see that you are the true God." Immediately Jehovah sent fire from heaven to burn the offering. The people shouted, "Jehovah is the true God!" Now Elijah said, "Don't let any prophet of Baal escape." That day, they killed the 450 prophets of Baal. Then a little cloud appeared over the sea, and Elijah said to Ahab, “Here comes a storm. Prepare your car and go home”. The sky was filled with black clouds, the wind blew and it began to rain very hard. The drought is finally over. Ahab left in his car as fast as he could. Jehovah helped Elijah to run faster than the chariot. But were all Elijah's problems over?

The ground shakes and the initiations of the aramic roots appear, after the intervention of the fifth Cherubim and the prophet Elijah on Mount Carmel, the Phylogeny is testament to the links that flow between the subterfuges of the re-dogmatized civilizations by obviating languages and pagan dogmas. In this genealogy, there were the bumblebees, bees, wasps and Lepidoptera dispersing all this storm and rain before they all reached the arenas of Gethsemane, with the perfect annexation between the idiomatic form and the species communicated with the living expressions where so many times the Joshua's feet circled the Gethsemane tapestry. Without doubt here these species will establish the DNA, and its molecules for the successful genetic derivation for an evolutionary environmental testament in the establishment of pollination in the orchard.

Phylogenic dogma: The coincidences in morphological and embryological themes will be located in the garden, with a great genetic relationship and evolutionary similarity. To the garden, to eternalize the concatenations of both topographic niches, in such a way as to root the Aramaic in every organic element and not, to provide the great prevalence of an eternal pacifying and luminous discourse in creation that does not pass away, but rather is It reactivates with these procedures in a new phase that will be inaugurated by the Apostle and Vernarth, reestablishing the premature hegemony of the garden, as a link between birth and resurrection.   From the ratio Nazareth - Bethelem / Kafarsesuh - Getsemani. Of these diversifications, the key will appear with the trees and their adaptation to the environment and the new Methodist dogmatics, to adapt it to the material and immaterial elements as a habitat of paradise in Judah, with adequate species and aware of their own self-preservation and self-evolution.    At the Service of Joshua, preserving the Aramaic dialect as the axis.

Vernarth says: “In Greek mythology, Ilithia-Eileithyi, is our Hellenic goddess of births and midwives. In the cave of Amnisos-Crete it was related to the annual birth of the divine child, and its cult is connected with Enesidaon  the - shaker of the earth, who was the chthonic aspect of the god Poseidon. My divine child has similar "Behold the Fifth Miracle" coincidences both in a cave or stable. Ilithia is seen with the torch carrying light for the children to come to the world of the Messiah. Now we will shake the orchard, from its nascent oleaginous ducts in which we will have the salvific light that will flow from the hyposa secretion of the candelabra with the olive oil before a new messianic verdict, where we will populate the cave of the earth as a great similar light which will accompany the Shemesh-Sol philosophy, bearing witness to the Messiah and reconciling us with his instructions as it was in Jezrael and now in the orchard.

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Chapter XXVII    Messiah of Judah IV part Miracle  V - Gethsemane / Aramaic Phylogeny
Mr Zeal Jun 2014
This day your either caught up in Baal, Baphomet or Bethel.

Since I was a kid they was trying to trip me in a fairytale..
Dragons are Good and alittle magic won't ****.
So far from the truth but some say who's gunna make these scars go away... Well tell me where did the scars come from?
Cause we know evil is bad and good is the truth!
If your caught in a lie dosent that mean that God told you?
Certainly not!
It came from baphomets mouth, so why are listening to liars mouth?
Dragons are real and so are unicorns
But dragons destroy and it takes a sword and one man to overcome him..
Maybe it's me?
Maybe it's you?
I just wanted to show you Baal is what we create for fantasies and selfish ways.
Baphomet is the Devil who lies right in your face.
Bethel is a holy place that keeps truth as it's king and good as it's God.

Wake up!!! For one day we will be on one side or the other...

It's hard to tell the truth and love someone who dosent know Good, but it's easy to fall and give up for a lie and at the end never notice that lies were getting life from you.

Forgive me.
Good is good and bad is bad