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Am I meant to do this? Will this
Be my
Career? I've wanted to
Do this my
Entire life. Writing has
Fulfilled me since I
Gave it a try. But it's
Isn't it? To
Justify yourself to the world, to
Kick down the doors, to say,
"Listen to
Me!" and to
Not give up
On the way.
Popularity and success won't come as
Quickly as I want it to. It's not a
Right, not
Something to expect because I
Tried my hardest. Though it seems
Unfair, it
Very well may never make its
Way towards me, especially not if I
'Xpect it to. Not
Yet. Maybe not ever. But I hope I will reach the
Zenith someday.
I dunno, I was just feeling it.
Can I be
Described as more than just
Friends are
Helping when
I need them most.
My sorrows away.
No, not away.
Pushing them down.
Questioning their validity.
Revealing them to myself and those closest to me.
Sleeping is hard.
Terrified by my own ineptitude.
Understanding that I
Well may have wasted my youth just
Yearning for better things.
Z’s won’t be trailing over my head for some time.
Amy asked for
Brian's basket,
Casey almost blew a gasket.
Daniel went to summer school,
Ethan thinks he's super cool.
Fiona fell right on the floor,
Gabby laughed and laughed some more.
Hugo got the heebie-jeebies,
Isaac loves to score some freebies.
Jess is top in all her classes,
Kylie needs her reading glasses.
Lyra loves to sing a song,
Maggie never thinks she's wrong.
Noah broke his little nose,
Oliver drinks right out the hose.
Penny poses for a photo,
Quincy's dragon's a Komodo.
Ryan thinks his dog has rabies,
Stuart's cat just had some babies.
Tommy likes to play baseball,
Ursula likes the season fall.
Violet plays the violin,
Wyatt's strength comes from within.
Xavier needs all
Your attention,
Zane just got his tenth detention.
As I was walking alone in the park, a
Body was peering from out of the dark.
Cold chills ran through me, for what? Didn’t know, that
Death was just looming for me in the snow.

Ellen disappeared before anyone knew it. Her
Father was angry the witnesses blew it.
Grace had gone missing just one week ago.
Her bones will be found when the warm winds blow.

I bundled my scarf around my neck to prepare,
Jogging to fight off the cold winter air. The
Killer sped up to keep me in his sight, as he had
Laid in wait, hoping I wouldn’t fight.

Moving as quickly as my legs could stand it,
Not yet dreaming those steps came from worse than a bandit.
Onward I went, the snow crunching behind me. His
Pace almost matched and I feared he’d soon find me.

Quickly I ran, my house not far away.
Realizing that I may not live one more day.
Stopping for nothing, I hurtled through the park,
Telling myself I won’t die in the dark.

Unfortunately this man ran much faster than I. This
Vagrant, he grabbed me, yelling his battle cry.
Wailing and flailing, I fought hard as I could. His
X-rays might show that I hurt his manhood. I
Yielded to nothing, for survival I strived. And I thanked mighty
Zeus that I wound up alive.
Living’s a
Vulnerability and
Yesterday’s lack of
wendee mcmoon Nov 2017
A firefly alerts me to its presence inches from my face
Bubbly giggles erupt from my lips
Crickets whisper in the bushes next to my porch
Dusk has finally arrived, overtaking twilight
Evening made way for nighttime
Feeling light in the dark
Grass, bright in the sunlight, turned to an inky navy in the moonlight
Heat from the day residual in the post sunset bliss
In the daylight it is unbearable
Just barely tolerable after dusk
Kisses from the wind brush my arms
Lifting up the gooseflesh
Moonlight hazy in the humid air
No such thing as silence at night
Overhead I hear distant thunder
Perhaps a midnight storm is near
Quickly approaching the rocking chair where I sit
Reading, enjoying the evening
Stars blink and twinkle above
Tonight, this summer night
Underneath the summer sky
Violet and blue and indigo surround me
Waiting to disappear in the morning
Xuberance in the bright morning sunlight
Yes, but until then I will revel in the evening
Zephyrs gently rocking me to sleep.
An abecedarius I composed for my Intro to Creative Writing class.

— The End —